Podmoskovnie ekofermery computerize barns

Photo source:smi2.ru

Alexander Konovalov, the owner of the economy Ekoferma "KONOVALOVA"

Ekoferma "Konovalov," in Shakhovskoi district of the Moscow region has become a base for the experiment on the use of chips, according to a media center "National industry." Each cow on the farm has a unique microchip that stores all the data necessary for the proper maintenance of animal: weight, age, milking, calving date, the date of vaccination, the level of food consumption, etc. Every minute, farm workers can track where the cow that she eats, what the milk yield can be expected today and what is missing animals.

The microchip is completely harmless to cows. It is attached to the ear and works on radio frequency identification technology. All status information bovidae online is transmitted to the computer. The farmer can analyze it from any place, wherever he may be. Microchip also includes a hand-held readers and portal. They allow you to control the output of the animals in the pasture.

"This system — a kind of virtual shepherd who knows all about the animals," — the first in Russia ekofermer Alexander Konovalov. "We do not have to restrict the movement of cattle, they can choose for themselves a place pastures. We can only otlezhivat their actions and analyze the information received by the computer. "

Until now, RFID technology is widely used, mainly in the defense industry, as well as for access control, protection against theft of goods, in smart cards and systems for personnel identification.

The software package developed for agricultural production in the Student Design and Research Office of the National Research Nuclear University MEPI. As long as it is used on ekoferme "Konovalov," but the developers are convinced that virtual shepherd quickly prove its profitability and such computer systems observe the animals will be introduced everywhere.

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