Podmoskovnie results

Podmoskovnie resultsKa-135 UAV

July 4, 2010 over the work of international Forum "Engineering Technologies 2010" held in Zhukovsky near Moscow. During the forum were shown some samples of the latest military equipment, and defense products, already adopted by the arms of. The most fascinating themes of the event were near Moscow purchase of French helicopter carrier "Mistral" and drones for the Russian army.

Little new

Forum "Engineering Technologies 2010", which will be held every two years, has put together four previously independent exhibitions — "Intermash", "UVS-TECH", "International Salon of weapons and military equipment" and "Aerospace". The forum was held at the airport Flight Research Institute named after Gromov, which is held in odd-numbered years, aerospace show MAKS. The event was organized in Zhukovsky became a state corporation "Russian Technologies".

During the forum has been demonstrated in the main already a standard set of weapons — from the T-90A and T-80 to "Buk-M2" and "MSTA-S". All the same, just without the new products has not done. Specifically, the concern PVO "Almaz-Antey" presented at the forum compact radar 1L122E, NPK NIIDAR — radar "Vitim" Yaroslavl Radio — radio station R-168-1KE, and on "Quantum" — a mobile radio monitoring complex "Onslaught-1" .

In addition, in Zhukovsky could see and automatic control system for the Army "Acacia-E" production group "Systemprom." This system is responsible for liaison between the General Staff and the operational headquarters, and for information processing, derived from exploration. "Acacia-E" has already been used in the course of the exercise "Kavkaz-2009".

Podmoskovnie results

More fascinating exhibit of the forum was the armored car near Moscow "Wolf" made "Military-industrial company." It represents the future development of the family of the "Tiger" and is designed for the transportation of personnel, cargo, towing trailers weighing up to 2.5 tonnes, mounted weapons and equipment. In addition, in Zhukovsky showed promising drone helicopter like "Kite" and Ka-135, produced by holding "Helicopters of the Russian Federation."

Also for the first time was shown rifled towed mortar automatic "Nona-M2", 120-mm caliber, developed by the Central Research Institute of Machine Building clear. The device can use all the mines in the world rifled 120mm. In addition to static display, has been demonstrated and military equipment in action.

Yet, the most exciting events of the forum was the announcement of the development of the special commission, which will buy French helicopter carrier "Mistral" and the sudden decision of the Ministry of Defence to take Russian drones.

On the new criteria

On the development of the special commission on the purchase of "Mistral" July 1, 2010 announced Deputy Prime Minister Sergei Ivanov. Will head the commission Deputy Prime Minister Igor Sechin, which considered one of the most ardent enemies of the deal. Namely, Sechin earlier than once declared that the United Shipbuilding Company (USC), Chairman of the Board of Directors of which he is able to build a ship, similar "Mistral", without the help of others, without the need for direct purchase of the ship from France.

Podmoskovnie resultsUAV "Kite"

Purpose echina head of the commission practically means that a deal with France in the form in which it insists on the Ministry of Defense, can not take place. Or even not take place at all. Recall, the Defense Ministry wants to buy a ready-made in France ship and three licenses for its construction in Russia. France wants to implement two hundred percent ready-made helicopter and two licenses. According to the views of Sechin Our home can at least do not quite ready to buy ships.

It must be emphasized that the word Sechin Commission is likely to be decisive. In any case, the representatives of the Ministry of Defense will be included in the committee as ordinary members. With all of this, "Rosoboronexport", which until then was considered responsible for the conduct of negotiations, will be responsible only for the tech side of things — the signing of the agreement, the transfer of funds, etc..

So Makar, at USC appeared completely real chance to get a big contract of the Ministry of Defense, the price of which may exceed billion euros. In any case, the construction of the 1st class helicopter carrier "Mistral" in France worth 400-500 million euros, and such ships to four — one for each fleet, not including the Black Sea. It is natural to imagine that the construction of the "Mistral" in Russia is cheaper than in France.

In general, the deal itself with France on the purchase of a license for helicopter could not have taken place. USC has begun negotiations with the Korean company STX, which created "Mistral". This company is owned shipyard STX France, which will be the exporter of helicopter in Russia in the case of buying the finished ship. Formally, the talks with STX discusses the company's role in the development of modern shipyard in Kronstadt, which will be transferred power "Admiralty Shipyards".

But, as previously noted the newspaper "Kommersant", one of the main topics discussed was the transfer of RF technology building "Mistral", which will be created in Kronstadt. In exchange for cooperation STX will be able to obtain contracts for the construction of vessels for use on the Russian shelf.

Our homeland is enthusiastic to purchase "Mistral" from 2009. Formal negotiations on this issue began March 2, 2010. If the deal is completed, the "Mistral" will be given RF without radar, weapons and information management system SENIT9. In April 2010, it became clear that the Russian government has made a final decision on buying a helicopter. The transaction is expected to conclude by the end of 2010.

Sudden turn

Meanwhile, on the same forum in Zhukovsky, 1st Deputy Defense Minister Vladimir Popovkin announced that in the summer of 2010, the Ministry of Defence will choose a company that will supply the Armed Forces of unmanned aerial vehicles. In this report, there would be nothing unusual, if not the intention of the Ministry of Defense to select Russian manufacturer. It is a question of supplying class drone "spy" and "pointer".

Apparently, his intent Defense Ministry has decided to support unmanned Russian branch, also, to crack, to outline inside the military. Prior to that, the Russian Defense Minister Anatoly Serdyukov and the Russian Air Force Com
mander Alexander Zelin not much to complain about Russian drones, claiming that they do not satisfy any requirement of the military. In contrast to the Airborne Troops Commander Lt. Gen. Vladimir Shamanov responded positively about the Russian UAV production.

In favor of Russian drone previously spoken out and managing the Border Service of the Federal Security Service of the Russian Federation Vladimir Pronichev. Namely, according to Pronicheva, FSB uses UAV Zala-421-05, "Irkut-10" and "eagle" and Shaman allocated drones production of "Vega" and "Irkut". First, in June the camp followers of an unmanned Russian industry and joined the deputy director of the Federal Service for Military-Technical Cooperation Vyacheslav Dzirkaln. According to him, the Russian industry is able to independently design and build drones that will satisfy the requirements of the Ministry of Defense.

As expected, in the summer of 2010, the Defense Ministry will develop requirements for Unmanned Aircraft Systems, on the basis of which will be carried out procurement for the army. For all this, according to Serdyukov, will be bought and Russian drones, if they satisfy the requirements of departments.

In June 2009, the Ministry of Defence bought 12 Israeli UAVs in the amount of 53 million dollars. Among the set of devices includes Bird-Eye 400, I-View MK150 and Searcher Mk II. Later, began negotiating the purchase of UAVs party in the amount of 100 million dollars. At the end of April 2010 CEO of the state corporation "Russian Technologies" Chemezov announced the acquisition of Israel's 15 more drones, which have to take part in the trials.

In the spring 2010 Chemezov also announced that in Russia can be created a joint venture with Israel to produce drones. A final decision on the joint venture will be made after the Ministry of Defence will conduct tests of purchase. It is expected that this will not happen before 2010 illumine — in the summer will only end the Israeli operator training aids.

In the remainder

"Engineering Technologies 2010" although it showed a good part of the exhibition, and were secured by various announcements, no contracts, as is usual in similar activities of the Russian Federation did not bring. On the contrary, it was announced the completion of the agreements reached earlier. Namely, it has become clear about the end of the supply of anti-tank missiles in Turkey "Kornet-E" and the imminent start of construction in Jordan assembly plant grenade launcher complexes "Hashim."

In addition, the Ministry of Defence of the Russian Federation held talks with French company Sagem of the likely purchase of fire control systems Sigma-30. Specific agreements were signed. First, in June 2010, Vladimir Popovkin, said that the Sigma-30 will first be used to upgrade multiple rocket launching systems "Smerch" and "Grad".

In general, a forum was held in Zhukovsky was the debut and, perhaps, because not able to attract as many participants as other similar international events. Will the forum gain the same popularity as, for example, MAX, it will become clear in 2012.

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