Police arrested the killer. Their leadership dismissed.


In Moscow, police arrested three young, confessed accomplice in the murder, which they hunted thefts of vehicles. Successfully passed the recertification Interior Ministry officials have also tried to capitalize on a corpse, extorting relatives 150 thousand euros and put up for sale his BMW. Now the whole police department police "Khoroshevo-Mnevniki" will be re-re-certification, and all leaders of the "werewolves in epaulets" are dismissed from the.

On suspicion of a brutal murder and extortion yesterday detained three metropolitan police. History that can overshadow Kazan incident with the bottle, took place in Moscow in the autumn. In mid-October, the police contacted relatives of 22-year-old Azerbaijanis living in Moscow. According to them, the unknown extorted 150 thousand euros, a native of Azerbaijan who allegedly owed to them. The young person by the time a month was out. The investigation revealed that another Sept. 11 found the body of a wanted local people in forest near Moscow.

Suspicion immediately fell in the murder of three police patrol ATS "Khoroshevo-Mnevniki" and trainee policeman. It turned out that on the night of September 6, law enforcement officers along with a familiar-Azeri (police and killed along moonlighting theft auto) on his BMW-530 went out of town. After breaking up the path to the driver, the police in cold blood hit him 77 times with a knife. The corpse was buried in the woods near the little village Zagoryanskiy, and the car drove the victim to Moscow for sale.

In the end, three police officers have been detained. The latter two have already confessed to the crime. In the Research Affairs in Moscow made it clear that all detainees are working with the police recently, one of them came in 2008, the other — in 2010, and the third just a year ago. In this case, all successfully passed the certification.

"All the detainees are members of PPP, which is one of the toughest divisions, where a large shortfall in human resources, which may have allowed people to get there questionable, — Said a member of the expert group under the head of the Interior Ministry, the head of the human rights organization "Resistance" Olga Kostin. — Perhaps we should learn from foreign experience when inspection personnel CSS together with psychologists hold weekly monitoring morale police departments. "

Fired because of the incident not only suspects, but also guide the district department as a whole (the first time): OMVD chief, police chief, his deputy, assistant chief of the Personnel and platoon leader of PPP. Chief of police in ICJSC be brought to disciplinary responsibility. In the department of "Khoroshevo-Mnevniki" aims commission from Petrovka, 38, for the extraordinary re-certification of all personnel. According to its results will be considered the expediency of the further service every policeman. Previously, the working group of experts at the Interior Minister Vladimir Kolokoltseva offered to give up a new mass recertification, limiting point.

In the Ministry of Internal Affairs not everyone is happy Kolokoltseva approach, which took over the capital head Anatoly Yakunin, when the crimes of subordinates fired all leaders. "The responsibility of the platoon commander and the personnel still can understand, they directly communicate with subordinates and are responsible for the atmosphere in the team, but the head of the department and the chief of police suffered for nothing — Says RBC daily source in the Moscow police. — At this rate, we will behead the backbone of experienced staff, who will simply no one to replace. "

According to RBC daily, the new chief OMVD "Khoroshevo-Mnevniki" will be selected from another county police department. Subordinate himself he will pick himself. "Today, the police only about 30% of the employees are doing their duty honestly, as many have criminal setting, and about 40% just took place, which they turned up, — Confirms the complexity of the situation, a forensic psychiatrist Mikhail Vinogradov. — In the current environment filled only respectable members of staff can not be. " At the same time, it supports Yakunin, who cleared out the guidance department, staffed by police killer.

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