Police terror in California

Two murders, the shooting of civilians by rubber bullets, hounding the mother with the baby and trying to bribe police dog — that's a brief summary of the police California this weekend.

A series of tragic events began on Saturday. Chasing the 24-year-old suspect over the shooting, the cause of which remains to be seen. According to eyewitnesses, the first bullet hit the young man in the lower torso, and then he got on his knees. Then a police officer shot him in the head, and another handcuffed him, and then searched the wounded.

The young man died in the hospital, and the indignant rigidity local residents to voice their complaints police. In response, the officers shot them with rubber bullets and lowered service dog for a woman with a baby. According to the police, their actions were an appropriate response to the fact that they were throwing bottles and stones. However, the video from the scene depicted civilians.

Eyewitnesses told the carnage that the police were trying to buy from them what is happening video, filmed on mobile phones.

The event caused a great response, the same evening the residents set fire to several trash cans, and the incident occurred in the area of spontaneous protests. The next day the people gathered at the Anaheim police station.

But the next day, officers from Anaheim committed another murder. This time they shot and killed the suspect, handcuffed. The story became public thanks to the witnesses. They tried to take off on video, but the police were "blind" their flashlights.


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