Police will fight innuendo in the media

The police will deal with defamation in the mediaChiefs of Police will continue every day to inspect the proceedings of the subordinate units to promptly refute false information. Corresponding order, obliging all police managers begin working day to view new media publications, signed by the Minister of Internal Affairs Vladimir Kolokoltchev.

"Every day to monitor the media and posted on the network Web publications containing information about the slave unit, employees, military personnel, civilian employees, and employees. The proof of the data on the distribution of real data does not adequately take constructive remedies to refute false vserasprostranennoy disk imaging" , — stated in the order.

With all of this whole information of rebuttal will be transferred to the management of public relations of the MIA "for the report and the management of the Ministry of posting on the official website of Ministry of Internal Affairs."

In addition, order requires authorities to provide legal assistance to employees — to provide an attorney to appeal to a tribunal. General Directorate of its security entrusted to represent the materials needed for the organization of protection of honor and advantages of employees. If information Journalists of the offense by the police confirmed, the leaders will have to take disciplinary action and other disposition with respect to the guilty.

"One can endlessly to reform the Interior Ministry, but without a sense of public confidence would not — commented," RBC daily "a source in the Interior Ministry. — Refund of this trust is often hampered by careless journalists who are in pursuit of sensation, without checking the facts, write the abominations of police officers. Department of the Interior Now will fight with such stuffer. "

Chairman of trade union law enforcement and security agencies Alex Lobarev noted that order Kolokoltseva reinforces what his organization is already working: "We go to the scene of the crime, traffic accidents with the role of the police, and, you know, often information, vserasprostranennaya journalists, is not supported. "

Commented on the new order and past Investigator Andrew Skarabahatau "Order not bad, but the main thing — that the leaders do not overdo it, and pervert its implementation in the fight against witches, took up arms against the journalists. Currently else tightened responsible for innuendo, so that some journalists can not be good. "

In late October, the Minister of Internal Affairs Vladimir Kolokoltchev said of other innovations. The Minister offered to all police officers to enter the system of mandatory supervision by psychologists, special devices and techniques in throughout the entire period of service. So Makarov, since hiring and firing before retiring police often will be tested for drug use, alcohol, and also check for the presence of depression, stress or excessive anger.

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