Polish actor fell in Russia («Rzeczpospolita», Poland)

Polish actors go to the East.

Karolina Gruszka (Karolina Gruszka), Jerzy Stuhr (Jerzy Stuhr), Zhebrovsky Michal (Michal Zebrowski) or Paul DeLong (Pawel Delag). This is only the beginning of a long list of Polish actors who appreciated Russian directors: a Russian film are, for example, Boguslaw Linda (Boguslaw Linda) or Lygia known for her role in the film adaptation of the novel "Quo Vadis" Meltsazh Magdalena (Magdalena Mielcarz).

Not only Hollywood

"This is indeed the case: Polish actors are more likely to be removed in Russian paintings. Fees they get there, five to ten times higher than in Poland. Like many actors, both organized shooting. Russians are more tense and focus on the job ", — told the Rzeczpospolita director of Russian Film Festival" Sputnik over Poland "Malgorzata Shlyagovska (Malgorzata Szlagowska).

People familiar with the topic, saying that the Russian public, which had long been admired Barbara Brylska game in the cult Soviet comedy "The Irony of Fate", takes good polish the stars.

Although the film was released in 1975, it remains to tears ridiculous. Our eastern neighbors in awe of the beauty of Brylska, which became their symbol of Poland. "Thanks to this role, she won great popularity in the Soviet Union. Many Russians remember about it until now, "- says film critic Wieslaw Cat (Wieslaw Kot). He added that there was also known Stanislaw Mikulski (Stanislaw Mikulski): «The Russians loved Captain Kloss, a film about that they, too, have shown."
"In Russia there is the myth of the Polish actress, we still associate it with a certain class, mystery, elegance, femininity, impeccable taste. At first, when I said I was a Polish actress, people looked at me like I was a second Barbara Brylska "- told in an interview with Newsweek Karolina Gruszka.

She linked their fate to Russia after the festival in Kiev. There she met with Russian director and playwright Ivan Vyrypaeva. They have already managed to do together two performances (in Warsaw and Moscow), a film "Oxygen" and get married. But the pear on the Russian screen could be seen ten years ago, she was playing with Mateusz Damentskim (Mateusz Damiecki) in the movie "The Captain’s Daughter."

"Russians love Poles and often invited them to work. They appreciate them for their good acting training. This market is open for Poles "- says Shlyagovska.

Wieslaw Kot stresses that career actors in a modern Russian cinema was not entirely surprising: "We in Poland, it still seems that the biggest success — is to star in an American film, but it is not. The Russian public is so varied, that the actor could easily find its fans out there. "

"Those who are caught in their own country, they want to try their hand at the border," — explains Michal Zhebrovsky, who starred in particular, the role of Hetman in the Russian blockbuster "1612" by Vladimir Hotinenko and film Stanislav Govorukhin "In the style of Jazz» .

Tempting calls

"I’m just at the premiere in Moscow", — said Paul DeLong, whom we contacted by phone. He has already played in a dozen paintings by Russian and joint ventures with Russian production. He transforms mainly as foreigners or people in remote Russian republics. "The decisive moment for me was the fact that they have a much more interesting offers. They make films in different genres: Action, Detective, melodramas. Films of these genres in Poland lifted a little, and it’s an interesting challenge for an actor "- says DeLong, adding that in Poland it is most often offered the role of the hero-lover.

"Poland — a small country, a small market. At some point, I could easily predict for many years to come, that with me there could still happen. In Moscow, I found myself in a completely different world "- so Karolina Gruszka explain why it works in the east.

Michal Zhebrovsky recognizes that while the Polish labor market conditions have improved acting, Russia is much more attractive. "They’ve got a lot more money on the production of films. In the year of deduction of up to 300 pictures. In comparison with Poland — the sky and the earth, "- says the Polish star, adding that he gets a lot of suggestions from the east. "But ever since I had a baby, I’m not so willing to agree to work abroad," — he said.

The cult actors

"Appear great deals for fluent in Russian actors" — said motion picture agent Monika Janas (Monika Janas), working in particular with Agata Buzek (Agata Buzek) and Maciej Stuhr. "The younger generation of actors worse knowledge of the language, so I can do is to try to discover the role of the Poles and foreigners. Such roles much less, "- she said.

Monika Janas accompanied Magdalena Meltsazh on the set of the Russian film "Taras Bulba" by Vladimir Bortko (the actress played the role of Pannochki): "In order to operate freely in the Russian film industry, it is necessary to understand the local culture and mentality. I had a translator who not only helped me to language support, but also explained the principles of operation, the logic of doing things that are different from the Polish. Without such assistance, it would be difficult for me to spend an actress after shooting a three-month process. "

Paul DeLong specifics like filming in Russia. "Here there is something like stardom. To the actor on the set is treated as a sole person on the set a lot of positive energy. People are cordial, friendly, treat each other with kindness, "- he counts.

"In the Russian actor — respected, revered man can say. It is a kind of cult actors "- confirms his words Lamparski actress Magdalena (Magdalena Lamparska), a famous Polish viewers mainly for the TV series" 39 and a half. "

Recently, she played a major role in the film Valeria Pendrakovsky "Not now." This is a story about love Polish girls and Russian soldiers, the split in 1953.

"I was the only woman on the set, in a foreign country. I had to get used to the language. It was a difficult task, "- says Lamparski, adding that she fell in love with Russia.

Role in the Russian film, she received a passing casting. "In the Theatre Academy was a notice that it takes a girl with Slavic appearance. Friends persuaded me, and I got the part. And I am not sorry, "- she says.

A place for stars

Paradoxically, shooting films in Russian Polish actors can add viewers at home, as the Russian cinema in Poland is becoming more and more popular.

"For the first time in 2007, the festival of" Sputnik "was held only in Warsaw. Last year — in 35 Polish cities, "- says Shlyagovska and stresses that produced after the festival collection of movies on DVD, too, enjoys the Polish spectators keen interest.
"We just like the same movies. Therefore, the Polish film directors should consider cooperation with the Russians, "- says DeLong.

To the new trend connected not only Polish actors, but the stars, known mainly by the popular press. Edita Herb (Edyta Herbus) — dancer, tries his hand at film (the Poles have seen it in the TV series "Only Love" and "On the s
treet Vspulna"), also decided to take part in the filming of the Russian film.

She starred in the TV series "Wolf Messing: who saw through time", which tells about the life of a psychic. Herb played the role of the Russians of German descent who had an affair with him.

"I played one of the greatest loves of his life" — says Herb. She adds that for her it was a very important experience: "I’m on the stage of intensive development and acting carefully consider any proposals."

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