Political conspiracy theories surrounding the plane crash near Smolensk

More than 2.5 years have passed since the disaster at Smolensk, when the main board Poland, which were the president of the country and 10's senior municipal officials, crashed. It would appear that held hundreds of examinations with the help of professionals from different countries, made hundreds of pictures of the crash site, used data from the flight recorders, controllers questioned the Smolensk airport "Smolensk-North", and means in the long time it is time to put an end, but it as it turns out, quite at odds with the interests of the Polish opposition. Data on adverse weather criteria afternoon April 10, 2010, and the presence in the cockpit liner to third-parties that have put pressure on the decision of the Polish crew of the Tu-154, with the result that there was a terrible and disaster, does not impress those who doggedly seeks out some anti-Polish komplot.

Political conspiracy theories surrounding the plane crash near Smolensk

Not so long ago, immediately broke out a few scandals, tragedies Polish plane with a presentable delegation on board. At first, in the web of the photos of the bodies of victims of the Smolensk disaster that shocked the public. This led to claims from Warsaw to Moscow. According to the views of representatives of the Polish side, post creepy pictures of the remains of the victims could only investigative agencies of. This had to answer the investigating committee. According to their statements, the RF IC has a photo from the crash site, but not in any of the volumes of the criminal case does not have those photos that have appeared in the Global Network.

Both parties have strongly condemned those who decided to throw a bomb in the form of information posted pictures, and press office of the Investigative Committee of the Russian Federation said that works are operational investigative actions aimed at finding those people who have decided in a very nasty form of abuse the memory of the victims of the Polish aviakastrofy board number 1.

And the search was success. It turned out that the terrible pictures published Altai blogger Anton Sizykh. He himself said that he was simply a rehash photo with another blog — the blog of journalist Tatiana Karatsuba. According to statements Sizykh, he published a photo to substantiate that there was no plane crash near Smolensk in general was not, and destruction of the Polish government in general has occurred on the territory of Poland. Talk about a crash near Smolensk, the Poles have started to get the maximum benefit from the new charges to the address in the Russian Federation. As they say, no comment …

But if in this case, both sides have gained rapid consensus and did not play up this theme further, here on the situation turned into a far more complex. The real thunder rumbled in the middle of the blue at a time when one of more of favorite Polish newspapers, publishing «Rzeczpospolita», suddenly appeared in the material that Tipo on pieces of crashed near Smolensk Polish Airbus found explosive environment. For obvious reasons, this has led the Poles in the state of real shock. After all, if there were traces of explosives, it appears that in the sky over Smolensk there was a terrorist act … But after a few hours of the Polish newspaper people had to take the word of "explosives on the fragments' ago. It turned out that this is a terrible misinformation that could really spoil the already not entirely positive cases between Poland and Russia.

After identifying the newspaper duck with so provocative subtext to the editor of the newspaper «Rzeczpospolita» had to raise the issue of its own retirement. More precisely speaking, the editor in chief Tomasz Wroblewski, stated that "takes care of the good name of the newspaper, and passes his destiny as the lead editor of the publication in the hands of the hosts. Like, specifically the owners of the newspaper and will have to decide whether to keep him in office or not.

Meanwhile, information about the Tipo found traces of explosives on the crashed ship and rapidly spread through Poland, despite the fact that journalists admitted to misinformation, many representatives of public organizations and other media outlets have decided to call for the creation of the modern international commission of inquiry to the sensational case. One of the main ideologists of the endless string of investigations involving additional capabilities performs brother killed Polish president Lech Kaczynski — Jaroslaw Kaczynski. This sovereign with admirable tenacity continues to ignore the findings of several commissions immediately on the causes of Tu-154 in April 2010. According to the views of Jaroslaw Kaczynski, the Smolensk air disaster did not occur, and the murder … On this basis, the main opponent of the incumbent President of Poland Bronislaw Komorowski requests immediate resignation of the Cabinet of Ministers, the tops of the Prosecutor General in connection with the fact that the Tipo in these departments is hiding some "truth" about the crash. For adherents of the conspiracy version of the fall of the Polish plane near the airport "Smolensk-North" words such sovereign Kaczynski is an incentive for mass the data on the "Russian trace".

No, of course, the mountain Jaroslaw Kaczynski can be appreciated, but it re-heat the sample patient enthusiasm for disaster more like a desire for personal political dividends for the raising of psevdofaktov about death of his brother, his wife and another 94 people who were on April 10, 2010 year on the ill-fated board.

Another factor which tempers the enthusiasm of the Poles to the first side of the plane crash was the death of the 1st of the main witnesses in this sensational case. Late in the evening October 28, 2012 in the basement of the house was found hanged Remigiusz Mus, flight engineer of the second Polish plane that was heading for the ceremonies dedicated to the catastrophic events in Katyn. Mus April 10, 2010 went to the crew Yak-40, which without any particular problems landed at the airport "Smolensk-North." The official cause of death called suicide, that here was the occasion for a number of Polish media say that death is related to a flight engineer of the Smolensk disaster.

It is reported that Remigiusz Mus, along with Arthur Voshtylem, pilot of the Yak-40, which is about an hour before the accident with the Tu-154 landed in Smolensk, were the principal witnesses of case filed in connection with the Smolensk air crash. It is reported also that Mus Tipo heard the manager of the Smolensk airfield allowed pilots to the Tu-154 lowered to a height of 50 m above the ground while hanging fog, and the airfield was located in front of a forest belt. According to the data, which the official and confirmed by professionals commissions, none of that record discussion board the Tu-154 in Smolensk with the dispatcher does not. It turns out that Remigiusz Mus or read wrong, or outright wrong conclusion 2 committees (IAC and Polish), which managed to overwrite the data flight recorders … Of course, proponents of the search "Russian trace" in the disaster here said Mus read the truth, and why he was driven to suicide …

Meanwhile, pilot the very safely landed plane Yak-40 Arthur Voshtyl in an interview with a Polish media reports that a communication system also heard discussion in the cockpit of TU-154, but that the controller has allowed the board to drop to critical heights never heard of. Vo
shtyl says that he warned the pilots of the head of the Polish side of the weather conditions in Smolensk dramatically worsened, he also states that the same information the Tu-154 got off the ground from the dispatcher. The pilot of the Yak-40 confirms that such criteria captain of the aircraft itself takes a decision on landing, guided by the operational situation and the testimony of devices. The crew of a Tu-154, according to the results of a number of examinations, one hundred percent to ignore data from devices as well alarm system TAWS, testifying to unsafe ground proximity. Not enough, in the office of the pilots were immediately two sides of the face Andrzej Blasik (Commander of the Polish Air Force) and the director of the Polish Foreign Ministry dipprotokola Mariusz Kazan. According to the views of Voshtylya, these people could not give orders to the pilots "Tupolev" sit under all weather criteria, but the record flight recorder gives to realize that the crew is almost forced to close their eyes to all the warning signals from both controllers in Smolensk, and on the systems of the aircraft and indirectly forced to land in a very complicated situation meteoroligicheskoy. The phrase, "If we do not land, they destroy me," uttered by Arkadiusz Protasiuk (commander of the aviation board number 1) expressly makes it realize that the crew apparently under pressure.

All are well aware that President Kaczynski was flying without a formal agreement with the Russian side, and he chose to end the route specifically Fri Smolensk airport. He offered a couple of times to get to the venue of mourning in memory of Polish officers at Katyn victims through other airports that are equipped and were better and the weather April 10, 2010 which were more appropriate, if at Smolensk. Eventually, Kaczynski himself chose the route from Warsaw to Smolensk. Apparently, the need for compliance with this particular route was typical psychic press, crew of the Tu-154. Pilot more feared the wrath of President Lech Kaczynski, the more complex the cold weather criterion, which led to a terrible tragedy …

Of course, that intrigued the person will do everything to continue to entice a sick note to the events of April 10, 2010. And if so, then it's safe to say that the conspiracy theories that have not joined in any way to any expert conclusions, nor the records of "black boxes" Tu-154, with the passage of time will appear more and more. One never knows, someone from an extremely active Polish conspiracy to the same account as the Russian side put forward in the case of the massacre of Polish officers in the Katyn forest … That's why for this turn of events need to be prepared.

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