Political orientation of the Russian Federation: the development or stagnation

The political confrontation between Westerners and Slavophiles in Russia in the clear over the centuries. A certain part, speak out so that the political elite was convinced that our homeland — is an integral part of a larger Europe, and therefore only the systematic integration into the common European space should provide an opportunity to develop the Russian Federation. Chaadayev Botkin, Turgenev, Annenkov — it's brightest representatives Westernising idea of historical progress RF, considering questions of formation of a new, active Russian society on the basis of reliance on European standards of humanity and the immutability of the legal system.

Russian political orientation: the development or stagnation

IE Repin. Plowman. Leo Tolstoy at the plow. 1887

At the same time, the 19th century was the century of the simultaneous formation and other political forces Slavophilism, whose members were convinced that the Russian Federation has been, is, and will have its own historical path different from Western principles as well as from the east constructive absolutism. The path is based on the inviolability of the Orthodox faith, autocracy and nationality. These three maxims, as they called them Slavophiles, of course, were the typical contrasting European "Liberty, Equality, Fraternity." Representatives of the Slavophile ideas of early stage of its development were Aksakov, Samarin, Kireyevsky.

In connection with the emergence of virtually diametrically reverse the socio-political thoughts appeared and the first beginnings of a real political struggle in Russia. Started brand new era of confrontation elites, which in one form or another came up to the present day. Differing eyes on the forward motion vector of the Russian Federation led to the fact that the Slavophiles blamed Westerners is that they preach anti-patriotic thought, and Westerners, dismissing such allegations put forward in turn Slavophils claims that they suffer complex obscurantism; which Russia can kill.

In this case, catchy see how the outlined internal political competition in Russia was perceived in the West. Maybe Russian affairs would have been in Europe since its interests abroad, if not prevailing continent-wide policy, which is to say a few words.

After the victory of the Russian army over Napoleon's army in the years 1814-1815 was referred to as the Congress of Vienna. It is, in fact, a landmark event, which for many long years and resulted in the path of future development of Europe. Our home on the Rights of the favorite in the war insisted on taking the latest legislation, which is based on the fact that the liberties with the European standard in 1789, it is necessary to put an end once and for all. There was a large-scale reincarnation of monarchical absolutism in Europe, resulting in the first plan out the principles of the inviolability of the nobility, thoughts unquestioning support for the ruling dynasties and the restoration of the economic system, based on class Advantages of the 1st layer of the public over others. In other words, the birthplace of our post-war standard just said my word that if we are defeated, it means, and our concept of one true, and therefore, be razlyubezny, accept it as a tribute.

Of course, these principles amused European monarchists and quite disappointing those who are already accustomed to the fact that development should be carried out on principles similar to the principles of equality of open (like at the moment uttered, partnerships).
Perhaps, specifically the Congress of Vienna marked the beginning of all modern European stereotypes about RF as a country that is trying by all means to go along at one point chosen track and does not want to recognize the need for change. With all of this stereotype persists that Russia must always be afraid, because it may again try to bring their vision to the West in their own way. It turns out that all modern prepyadstviya open or smoldering in the depths of the confrontation of the West and the Russian Federation did not appear after 1917 and even after the second World War. Birth of a typical barrier held here then — in 1815.
But it is necessary to expose criticized the position taken with respect to Europe, management of the Russian Federation since. In 1-x, we will not have any moral right, and in-2, we should not forget that in 1812 our homeland itself was a hair's breadth from the excellent state of disaster. And Alexander I, after the invasion of Napoleon's army was obviously not limited to the set "peace enforcement", bringing its troops to the border only with the enemy. He did what he had to do militarily, and he did what he had to do in terms of policy — forced the Europeans to live under the laws of the victors. And that is, to put it mildly, did not like Europe, well, since then, as the saying goes, there was nothing to burn Moscow … And it is quite amazing it would be to assume that, having finished the Cossacks to the Champs Elysees, Alexander I, let the political process of the path on which it (the process) and was previously led to anger toward Russia. The act of Alexander I, which even once condemn nor hand, nor the language is not rotated.

But the confrontation between Westerners and Slavophiles appeared on this particular soil. Both trends classified themselves as patriots, both preached the principles of flow, but the eyes on the social and political system dictated the need for a very active confrontation of each other.

Starting from this, we can analyze the current situation in our country. There are both Westerners have their Slavophiles, there are those who manages to catch the air and on the same, and on the other side of the median. Some behold the conflict with the West by the Russian Federation to the inevitable extinction of, behold the others in that the only right option in order to our own country has shown the highest status. Some are convinced that only the European standards for the ears can take Russia out of her present state, others are convinced that it is better to sit on your own place than to find a ghostly way. The situation is completely and one hundred percent of recalls historic step 40-60s last century, with the only difference being that now the West has more ability to put pressure on Russia.

After the election of Vladimir Fishing season President, the debate on the trend of development of the Russian Federation grew into a major new argument. Amid the dissonance heard words to the effect that Putin could bury forever partnership business with the West and to bring Russia on siding, leading to profound stagnation. But now so you can read for yourself to allow, if not disparage historical facts. First we need to recognize that, yes — certainly, for the West, Putin saw far from perfect figure, with which he would have dreamed together. But at all though Putin received public Promise of Russians, is that you (the candidate of President Putin) won majority support, and the means to do everything, so it's a big part of it has experienced a fatal disorder. With such a promise in a chair not zasiditsya, and will have to work with a triple energy. Was such a situation at the time of finding at the helm of the same Brezhnev, which now adore associate Fishing season? Of course not! No public promises Leonid Ilyich no one is getting, well
, could not get, as the society and the party with us, as you know, were sensitive to any of the whole, and therefore any claims at least some transformed into any claims themselves …

Putin put the blame that he has no spirit of rapprochement with the West and with Western democratic values. But it is difficult to name an impartial judgment. And what did then call Russia's role in European conventions than to name the emerging attitude to reform the political system, than to name the probable cooperation with NATO, which, by the way, causes severe controversy even in the midst of ardent supporters of Vladimir Putin. State that Putin longs to plant in Europe, the principles of the Congress of Vienna with orientation towards the inviolability of borders and attitude to congestive stability is also quite adventurous. In this sense, the most democratic Europe, as they say, the stigma of a gun: where it is profitable (Georgia, for example) — are registered inviolable borders, and where it is not profitable (Serbia) — boundaries, it appears, can be moved as much as necessary. Well, with the stagnation of the western world is now very obvious pereborschaet. That there is one eminent Jackson-Vanik amendment, which the U.S. "hoard" active on the safe side. Incidentally, there is in Russia is now certain forces which urge the United States Congress does not renounce the amendment — for example, Boris Nemtsov … Well, actually the western economic model with inflation of mutual debts also have a lot of claims. Because there is still half the grandmother said, who is currently stagnating.

At this time, we read so modern Slavophils occupy too far not a specific position. It consists in the fact that it is necessary to provide unquestioning trust Russian authorities, as it Tipo always knows what to do in any other situation. This position looks amazing, because no matter how modern (or consider themselves modern) power — it is not a priori an indisputable form, which should only cook in its own juice, not taking public complaints and avoiding even a hint of self-criticism. Power, although with the Slavophile, even with the points of view of Western values — a group of people who should stand in defense of the interests of at least some of the people. Under no circumstances should you take the power as a public taboo, otherwise we are guaranteed to send your own composition on the path that leads to nowhere.

In the end, it must be said that the multi-polarity of views — it's a good tool for social and political development of the country. The confrontation of political formations gives rise to the belief that the country did not grow into the soil. No matter how one-sided positions, leads to moral degradation, but at the same unbridled liberalism and — the way to endless samodrobleniyu. It turns out that we have recently waiting quest of the sacred middle ground, which for centuries eluded Russia. But both hunt to believe that utopia at least at one point in our country to become a reality …

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