Politics without political scene: Hosni Mubarak

When politicians are in power, they manifested a special attention of the press, the public defenders. But as politician leaves the stage, it can wait obscurity and often complete oblivion. Loneliness and singles. Emptiness, tears, dating from the terrible reality — the latest manifestation of the life of the policy, political, came down from the sky.

Politics without political scene: Hosni Mubarak

There are politicians who go into the shadows deliberately and completely relaxed, and there are those who are destined to post-political outcasts. One of these rogue politicians in the middle of the new time is not on their own was the ex-President Mubarak of Egypt. 3-4 years back in the trustworthiness of Hosni Mubarak in Egypt are not enough who hesitated. His activities aroused some resentment, but the prince's Arab Spring swept away in 2011, and this policy with a lump own site. Now Mubarak sentenced to indefinite detention and the residue own full life of triumph and disaster will in Egyptian prisons. In the new authorities Egypt was to deal with Mubarak about the same as it once happened in Libya with Muammar Gaddafi, but revolutionary Egypt decided to show that Cairo is on the path of democracy.

Recent reports concerning Hosni Mubarak, due to the fact that the ex-president Egypt unsuccessfully visited the prison shower, fell and injured his head. The severity of this injury is not specified, but there is a version that the injury is serious Mubarak. In addition to the head injury, the ex-president of Egypt diagnosed injuries in the area of the chest.

After the occurrence of such disk imaging, worldwide rumors that the Egyptian bullpen thrive torture, and that the 84-year-old Mubarak — The basic shape that it is subjected to torture. But if you imagine that Mubarak tortured, why Egyptian workers in general bullpen came in handy, "wash their dirty linen in public" and talk about the injuries Mubarak. Maybe Mubarak to stand trial again after the new Egyptian President Mursi receive virtually unlimited power after the referendum. And again, if Mubarak will be taken to the tribunal, then the bruises on his face and his head would be justified particularly in the fall of the old man's soul. But this is all just speculation. So keep Mubarak in the tribunal almost no reason. Unless Mursi not quite decide to get even with his predecessor and will not allow distribution list sentenced to the death penalty

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