Politresh blogger: Like-minded Royzman worse hamsters

Navalny "

In an interview with Stanislav 66.ru Apetyan explained why the main star waned antikorruptsionera country, on whom rests the Ural opposition and who framed Udaltsov and Razvozzhaeva.

  • Politresh blogger: "Like-minded Royzman worse hamsters Navalny"
  • Politresh blogger: "Like-minded Royzman worse hamsters Navalny"

  • Politresh blogger: "Like-minded Royzman worse hamsters Navalny"
  • Politresh blogger: "Like-minded Royzman worse hamsters Navalny"

The blogger Stanislav Apetyan, he’s Politresh, the figure in RuNet more than the known. It collects dirt on opponents and, of course, is looking for an American track. That’s about it — the income Navalny and Yashin, the State Department and sponsors anti-Putin movement — we have most of the interview and spoke. Also in the conversation touched on "stunning" by Leonid Volkov and Yevgeny Roizman ambiguous.

A small remark to start: the greatest success in collecting compromising Politresh achieved when Navalny published the correspondence with "all kinds of people." It was this loud "Navalnogeyt" made a name Stas and turned it into a blog about what the media. That’s why we have started a dialogue with Navalny.

  • Politresh blogger: "Like-minded Royzman worse hamsters Navalny"
  • Politresh blogger: "Like-minded Royzman worse hamsters Navalny"

The most appropriate way to communicate with virtual characters — is Skype.

— Earlier Politresha could be called the chief expert on Navalny: that his correspondence opublikuesh, you will find some dark spot in his past. Who’s your interest in it is clearly diminished. Why?
— Interest diminished because he Bulk diminished.

— Do you mean that he is often mentioned in your blog, do not go into politics?

— Yes. It does not generate any political program. Navalny now only post in the "Twitter" rotten seals and engaged in fueling his LiveJournal. That’s all. Most did nothing. He did not make the party. His employees are doing the party, and he did not enter into it (I mean the "People’s Alliance"). The situation is really absurd, and people see that the project "Bulk" has become a sort of delirium. If you read the transcript of one of the boards of the opposition, to be honest, Pelevin and Sorokin rest. Because it is such sur! People are living in some of its parallel reality and arguing about slogans: Which is better — "There is no dictatorship" or "Down with the dictatorship." As if that is at all affected by something.

— That is, if a person does not go into power, he is doing wrong?
— You know, people want results and activities they need to understand what to do next. To see some action program.

— Well there is civic organizations, why would they go into politics? In America, for example, a lot of any NGOs that do not come into power. Some, for example, society, lobbying the interests of motorists.
— We have a counterpart — "Blue buckets."

— So that’s why you Navalny not give a right to be in the same category?
— Because he’s a politician, he has ceased to engage in civic projects.

— A "RosZhKH" Is not civil project?
— Bulk there merely acts as a sponsor.

— Sponsors — those who give the project life, it’s his parents, and therefore — the closest people.
— I know a murky story associated with this project. Perhaps in the near future in the web already be lined its details. The very idea of "RosZhKH" — it’s a good idea, I’m against it I have nothing. But somehow we must admit that "RosZhKH" is not active Navalny. This man is completely transferred to the category of politicians. It brings people to rallies, comes up with political slogans and civic projects are no longer engaged. Here is Konstantin Kalmyks, its field of activity — a "Receipt", although in principle it is not clear how the project works, but not the point.

We are talking about the fact that Navalny to "RosPilu", in fact, no longer has a relationship. Even in terms of audience perception, it is no longer a social activist. And he is expected to respective steps. And he basically does not do any action. In my opinion, maybe he thinks he can lose some supporters from any sudden gestures. But because of his indecision, he loses them even more.

Relatively speaking, when a person decides to set up a political party, with a definite program and ideological constraints, it loses some of its supporters. They just do not get into the Procrustean bed of ideology. But when he pulls the establishment here of all, he still loses supporters, and loses again, on an even larger scale. But Navalny does not understand it and, apparently, do not understand.

  • Politresh blogger: "Like-minded Royzman worse hamsters Navalny"
  • Politresh blogger: "Like-minded Royzman worse hamsters Navalny"

"Maybe he [Bulk] thinks he can lose some supporters from any sudden gestures. But because of his indecision, he loses them more »

— And die in exile?
— No, it was going to happen the same thing that happened with Limonov. There was a time — a year, probably 2006, when Limonov quite seriously considered a promising leader of the opposition.

— As president, I remember going to be nominated.
— And in the end what happened with Limonov? Well she know, right? And even Nemtsov, once considered a promising leader. I’m really not talking about Kasparov and Kasyanov. And they were all on the level at which they are now, that is at zero. And Navalny, apparently waiting for the same thing.

— With the departure from the scene Navalny political life in Russia, too, will come to naught?
— And it has come to nothing. It has been active since that time, which was in the winter of 2012. It was interesting, it was true, it is fashionable in many ways. Interest in politics will, most likely in 2014. Then the elections will be held in the Moscow City Duma. In 2015 there will be elections of the mayor of Moscow, in 2016 — the elections to the State Duma, in 2018 — the election of the president. Accordingly, from 2014 to 2018 will be a big election cycle. Then come to life and the opposition. And most of all it will be reflected in the three cities: Moscow, St. Petersburg and Yekaterinburg. In Yekaterinburg, in many ways the spirit of opposition related to the name Roizman. This character, how would you treat him or not, has a certain resource.

— How are you feel about him?
— Rojzman — a very strange in the sense that any mention of it, even neutral, causing a storm of emotions from the loyal fans of this character. They are worse than hamsters Navalny. That’s why I generally
try to get him by.

As for the fund, "City Without Drugs", I am not a fan of the methods used in it. In my view, this is not quite normal, because the act is, in fact, a paramilitary service to combat drug trafficking. Plus Rojzman — comes from crime. However, I understand the roots of this story. Because in the late 1990s — early 2000s, the state does not actually deal with this problem, and it took a niche that was empty. So with all this I do not unequivocal.

— But, I know you have a very one relationship to another character to the Ekaterinburg — Leonid Volkov.
— Yes, Volkov, he is awesome! In fact, it is best to discredited himself. It should read his interview enchanting "Lente.ru." He showed himself there in all its glory. And in cases of KS, he was a cheat. And on many points. For example, in the election to the Constitutional Court was a FAQ, a collection of questions and answers, in which, first, it was written that if they run undesirable candidates to withdraw it, no one will. As a result, we learn that removed almost all the unwanted candidates. Secondly, according to the rules, if the election sign up some "muddy" type voters Nashi, then they did not have to do that. As a result, we see no reason was given to representatives of the MMM register. He contradicts himself, broke its own rules. You can clearly see how he dealt with the results. He just drove the results under a certain sign. When one half of the votes of the MMM zeroed, and the other — left. And so left, so that many more have passed candidates who are employees of Navalny and parallel comrades Volkov. So this is a scam as it is. Even Churov currently does not allow.

  • Politresh blogger: "Like-minded Royzman worse hamsters Navalny"
  • Politresh blogger: "Like-minded Royzman worse hamsters Navalny"

"Hold elections to the Constitutional Court, which was attended by 65,000 people, it’s ridiculous. That’s because they just do not achieve "

— You did not just say that there is no institution in the Russian political reputation. Whether such scandals weaken the forces of the opposition in the new "election cycle"?
— Such scandals — not the worst thing that can happen. In my opinion, the non-systemic opposition has no chance at all for as long as it is transparent in terms of revenue. The only problem is that when they become transparent, they will have to leave or sit down. Because they have black money.

— Where did they get these black money?

— There are a lot of conspiracy theories about the sources of the money.

— But they are all tied to the State Department?
— Yes, as well as foreign funds. This is partially true. If we, for example, look at the "Voice" and "Solidarity", we can see that the regions of the grid is very much overlap.

Often, they were just sitting in the same office. Many activists of the "Solidarity" were part-time coordinators "Voices." You see, these people are the "voice" and were paid at the same time engaged in political activities. A "Voice" is funded from U.S. foundations, and by now this matching this money was actually an asset of "Solidarity".

— Financed?
— Well, now that the law does not allow. But if we talk about the past, it was a lot of such examples. The same Lev Ponomarev and his movement "For Human Rights". If you recall the record of negotiations with foreign diplomats Ponomarev, then clearly that Ponomarev engaged in political activity.

— What do you think about the more prominent opposition figures?
— I can say is that none of the prominent opposition leaders with few exceptions can not explain the origin of their income. The same Yashin — a person who has never worked anywhere else, while he goes to the "Lexus", in what does not deny, and lives, in general, is good. The same goes for Navalny. His income is totally opaque. We do not know where he got the money, for example, on the Montenegrin real estate. In 2009, he was going to invest in Montenegrin real estate 350,000 euros. Similarly, things have Udaltsov. Where did the money for an unemployed person an assistant? And the assistant, by the way, was another assistant.

And in all of them so here’s someone or spit — all terribly dull. Of all the opposition Sobchak — the clearest, perhaps. The Germans, for example, has annual revenues generally insane, he dollar millionaire. Kasparov also …

— Kasparov?
— I will say more: this man is one of the main sponsors of the opposition.

— He has some serious business there?
— First of all, this is a man-brand. He can earn just by their name. Then he big enough book sales — abroad, not in Russia. But I repeat, the income it opaque, we can not say exactly how much money he has. But at the same time, if you notice, I Navalny — a security guard Kasparov. That is a Kasparov put a guard Navalny, and he walks with him for the last year and a half. And Kasparov, apparently, it’s all paying off.

— Since I touched upon with Udaltsov, then I should ask about this whole "anatomnoprotestnoy" stories. I know that you have your "exclusive" view of the scandal with Udaltsov, Razvozzhaeva and others.
— Yes, I have a special point of view of all these developments, and I should mention, I did not have anywhere voice. I spent a lot of time to learn who the Givi Targamadze and Coba Nakopia.

— Come on in order.
— Koba Nakopia — is a billionaire, one of the richest people in Georgia and a man who has long been considered a sponsor of Saakashvili and actually was his personal purse.

— And what is there money can do in Georgia? The same impoverished country in terms of resources.
— Koba backlog condition here in Russia. He was engaged in the oil and gas business and, well, quite an interesting way participated in the privatization. Then he became a business partner of then-Russian businessman Kakha Bendukidze. And when Saakashvili became president, he called Bendukidze appointed him Minister of Economy and responsible for the privatization of the property. And after Bendukidze moved to Georgia, and has accumulated. And during the Georgian privatization got there the most "delicious" pieces. We are talking about gold deposits in Georgia and a large number of real estate. Nakopia soon became a member of the Georgian parliament and, as I said, the sponsor of Saakashvili. There came down to the fact that he paid renovations of the presidential Boeing, renovation of the residence, gifts to foreign guests and mistresses.

— Where did you get all this information?
— I read the Georgian newspaper. So, we talked about accumulated. He is still involved in the financing of political projects. Moreover, such a muddy properties. Here I will focus on a PR campaign that has accumulated spent with Targamadze, who was then head the Georgian Parliamentary Committee on Defense and Security. The situation was this: Targamadze bribed Russian peacekeepers in Abkhazia to Saakashvili showed up at the border with Abkhazia, along with police officers allegedly "drive out the invaders." All this was done, of course, the camera, and our peacekeepers departed just a kilometer and stood there for a while.

  • Poli
tresh blogger: "Like-minded Royzman worse hamsters Navalny"
  • Politresh blogger: "Like-minded Royzman worse hamsters Navalny"

"Targamadze — a person who deals with organizational issues [in the history of Udaltsov]"

— So this is fake so at the state level, right?
— Of course, fake. From our peacekeepers had only one thing at a time to merge. Publicly merge on the border between Russia and Georgia. All this took place before the presidential elections in Georgia. This story made it clear that we have accumulated — is the sponsor, and Targamadze — a person who deals with organizational issues. And then it would be logical to assume that the scandal Udaltsov brings to Saakashvili, but not all that easy. Because in 2011 there were reports that between Saakashvili and accumulated there was a serious conflict. The quarrel was due to the fact that the president seemed to accumulate in the underfunded priority policy projects, and oligarch, in turn, began to doubt the prospects for Saakashvili.

Soon Nakopia quickly began to dispose of its assets in Georgia, owned by him to sell the company. And somewhere around the beginning of this year, he sold everything. And here there is a version that I think is plausible, that the story of Udaltsov — it personally amassed a special operation. And he was also, respectively, the main interested parties of the story. He had to give Udaltsov and all this connected with it a new piece to the Georgian authorities. I think it has built a "spread", and then "merged".

— At this point in detail.
— Apparently, Nakopia knew that would come to power Ivanishvili. And so it happened: Now all the power in the country is actually owned by Ivanishvili. And I have a suspicion that Nakopia wanted to make a gift Ivanishvili so that he in turn could make contact with the Russian side. It is clear that the Kremlin is interested in ensuring that such stories, what happened, for example, with Udaltsov, somewhere surfaced. And here there is such Ivanishvili dirt on Russian opposition, which would allow Russian authorities to fully discredit them. That means that Georgia has a real trump card, to improve relations with Russia. A Ivanishvili, unlike Saakashvili, is focused on co-operation with Russia. He made a fortune here, and as far as I remember, he’s still here a lot of assets.

  • Politresh blogger: "Like-minded Royzman worse hamsters Navalny"
  • Politresh blogger: "Like-minded Royzman worse hamsters Navalny"

"It was an outright sale of the motherland"

— That is Udaltsov and his friends were just a small change in the raid?
— Yes, in this story — yes. Well, if Nakopia saw that these people can be easily manipulated to breed and buy cheap, why not take advantage of it? And they, by the way, now will not be easy. They were caught in a serious crime. It was an outright sale of the motherland, the organization of mass unrest on foreign money.

— Do you think they will be planted?
— Yes, I think that will be planted. There is no wriggle.

— Very dark picture emerges again. That is not normal opposition?
— Why do. From the relatively new people is Maxim Katz. Very kind of character that makes me most of sympathy. Because it is much more than adequate, unlike other opposition members. And he has a very rational position.

I, for one, laugh Chirikov, because it obviously is not quite himself. But at the same time that she had participated in the elections in Khimki, I think it’s right. However, she did not want, and apparently, it has forced Kasparov. But that’s another story. I support the fact that the opposition is going to the polls. And in that sense, I close the position of the same "RDC" Milov, who is constantly involved in various election campaigns, or Ryzhkov. Many of them, it should be noted, that for such a constructive approach and do not like. Because Milov and Ryzhkov told them enough to sit in their "Twitter" and blozhikah with hamsters, because they have to engage in real politics, participate in elections and to try to take power at least on some level.

And the story in Yaroslavl, where Urlashov, an opposition candidate won the mayoral election, I believe that this is the right case for the Russian opposition.

  • Politresh blogger: "Like-minded Royzman worse hamsters Navalny"
  • Politresh blogger: "Like-minded Royzman worse hamsters Navalny"

"Chirikov, obviously, is not in itself"

— He took the same kind of "Popular Front", it is difficult, perhaps, his opposition to call.
— While not yet, but apparently, yes, it will cooperate with the ONF. Nevertheless, how was this campaign should be a model for the opposition. By the way, most of the credit for this Prokhorov same Milov. In short, this is an example of how to work. And to hold elections to the Constitutional Court, which involved 65,000 people, it’s ridiculous. That’s because they just do not succeed. Periodically will generate some informpovody to, for example, I was discussing them with you. It’s actually "Dom-2", only in politics. This is media-entertainment history, which has no relation to power, nor in politics.

— By the way, as far as I know, he had a relationship and you’re in power, and politics. I mean your work in the "United Russia".
— Yes, I worked there from 2006 to 2008, but I was never served. And I never want to take.

— And what position he held?
— I came away from "ER" as an adviser to the party.

— It’s a political position?
— No, it’s just the position of the hardware.

— That is the administrative issues involved?
— Well, administrative and political, if it comes to that. I worked in the department of propaganda. But when we speak of the "United Russia", you need to clearly understand when I worked there. It’s 2006, 2007 and 2008. The party was then in the electoral peak. Those were very different times, and other people have worked too.

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