Poltava Automobile Unit Plant replenished stock of machines

With the increasing volumes of production and sales, Poltava Automobile Unit Plant has a new EDM copying broaching machine model EA8, produced by the Japanese corporation «Mitsubishi», worth over 1.2 mln. According to specialists enterprise payback period will be three to five years.

This equipment is designed for a wide range of applications. His rigid mechanics and layout on a "fixed table", and the presence of thermal stabilization system helps you achieve optimal machining accuracy of plus or minus 5.3 microns, in accordance with the requirements of tool production for this type of equipment. Equipped with generators with unique functionality, automatic electrode changer and a sprinkler system, these machines provide maximum performance and accuracy, long battery life with low operating costs and high reliability. This Japanese broaching machine has a 4-axis version, with a controlled rotary axis. User-friendly menu set-up with graphic support, and many cycles of positioning, full monitoring of the treatment process "at a glance" automatic programming with interactive expert system to create a processing technology, an advanced database for specific types of processing Hybrid Pack, the graphics system diagnostic machine maintenance — this is not an exhaustive list, which makes the machine work as efficient as possible, to reduce the time to set-up process and significantly reduce the time to production.

The acquisition of new equipment, despite the continuing negative impact of the crisis on engineering, made possible thanks to a balanced and rational investment and financial policies pursued by the PAO "PAAZ." This is certainly one of the key moments in the components of success of the company in the domestic and foreign markets.

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