Polymer-Vector had launched a new production line for recycling of industrial waste polyethylene and polypropylene

 Photo source:dprpko.ru

October 19 2011. Member of the Association of Kuzbass waste recyclers, LLC "Polymer-Vector" conducted a test run of a new production line for processing industrial waste polyethylene and polypropylene.
To increase productivity complete renovation existing line, changed traffic pattern of trade flows, built an additional production plant, being built additional storage of industrial waste area of 1200 square meters. m
The full capacity is planned before November 1.
The number of new jobs — 25.
Production capacity — up to 100 tons of industrial waste per month.

 Photo source:dprpko.ru

Installation of the equipment was carried out in two weeks alone. The first trial production at the new production line has shown that the equipment can process when injected into the operation and reaching full capacity up to 100 tons of industrial waste per month, to supply customers with the required amount of polymer granules.
At start-up, adjustment of the equipment staff took part of the supplier "Company industrial equipment", Novosibirsk.

At full production capacity to 1 November 2011, LLC "Polymer-Vector" goes to clock mode, in three shifts (currently the work is done in one session). The number of workforce will increase by 25 people.

For delivery to the place of work of employees acquired minibus "Gazelle", for the carriage of goods purchased by a truck Iveco.

The next step in the development of the company will manufacture and sale of finished products from polymers.

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