Polyus Gold Mining launched at the Verninskoe (Irkutsk region).

"Polyus Gold" (part of the Polyus Gold Int Ltd) has entered into commercial operation of mining and processing complex at the Verninskoe in the Irkutsk region.Total investment in the project amounted to 340 million dollars.

In accordance with the schedule of commissioning of capacities and commissioning of the first half of 2012 provided for the work of the new gold processing plant (mill) design capacity to process 2.2 million tonnes of ore per year under the scheme to produce a gravity concentrate ore grinding circuit, which is further processed to finished products will be conducted on the existing fields of Western factory.

Job processing complex Verninskoye Mining on the project gravity-flotation method, with the release of Dore gold directly to the processing plant is planned in the second half of 2012, following the completion of the commissioning of the flotation and hydrometallurgical equipment.

Construction of the complex began in 2009, during this period of Mill was built from the ground up and put all the necessary mining equipment, built roads, warehouses, field camp, tailings. At the same time it was removed 5.3 million cubic meters of rock, produced 1.36 million tonnes of ore, some of which (226,000 tons) processed at other factories.

"Polyus Gold" — the leading gold producer in Russia, ranking among the world’s largest producers of market capitalization, minerals base and production. Company’s asset portfolio includes ore and placer deposits in the Krasnoyarsk, Irkutsk, Magadan and Amur regions, the Republic of Sakha (Yakutia)

Throughout the construction period Mining Company continued its active exploration on the flanks and deep horizons Verninskoye. In 2010, we conducted an audit of the mineral resource base Verninskoye, which resulted in proven and probable reserves were increased to 65.4 million tons of ore, containing 179 tons of gold.

Verninskoye is located in the central part of the Bodaibo district of Irkutsk region. It was discovered in 1974, in 2005 the "Polyus Gold" acquired CJSC "Firstborn" — the company that owned the license for the deposit.

In 2010, the company "Poles" produced 1.4 million ounces of gold (43.5 tons). The company’s plants in the Irkutsk region in 2011 produced 6,857 tonnes of gold (220.5 thousand ounces) in 2012 is expected to 7.4 tons.

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