Populations of game animals in Ukraine for 10 years has increased by 15%

Populations of wild game animals in Ukraine over the past 10 years have increased overall by 15%. In this case, private lands contribute to the positive statistics, as owners or tenants of such areas fed a future game.

This opinion was voiced by Chief Specialist of hunting Goslesagentstvo Mykola Myronenko, UKRINFORM correspondent reports.

"Almost 10% of the hunting grounds were private. This is not about the acquisition of the oligarchs. Refers to some specific group of hunters who have certain remedies that by the decision of the regional councils receive certain area. Invest heavily there. Grounds are not taken for the purpose of obtaining profit, "- said Nikolai Myronenko.

He noted that many people are not having their hunting grounds, hunted mercilessly and where they could. "When they got their land and feel the owners have begun to treat animals better, hire security, to buy food for the animals," — said the representative office.

According to his calculations, now in Ukraine deer population totals 150,000 individuals. Several smaller boars — 62000, European deer 16000 and 4000 — spotted.

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