Pork production in the Krasnoyarsk region will double

Siberian Agrarian Group is building a pig farm in Bolshemurtinsky area. Work on site are ahead of schedule.

To work on the 7 major livestock production units, which are built in the framework of the project will create more than 500 jobs. Leasing of the first phase is scheduled for 2014, reaching full capacity — by 2015. From October 2013 to begin delivery of breeding pigs. By the end of the year will be delivered over 8 thousand. This population will be the core for the organization of the reproduction of breeding material.

Pig Farm will significantly increase its own pig production in the province. When entering the herd in 213 thousand heads, he will produce about 25 tons of meat annually. To understand the significance of this figure, it can be said that the results of 2012 large and medium-sized pig enterprise edge, with a population of 200 thousand units, produced 19.5 thousand tons of pork per year.

In addition, the project will contribute to the development of the internal market of grain. Annual grain consumption of pigs contained on the complex is 65 thousand tons. It’s almost the total volume of grain production and Bolshemurtinsky Sukhobuzimsky areas. In this case, the appearance of the pig farm will stimulate not only the production of feed grains, but also other types of feed. Already actively beginning to swing open heathland and more recently unclaimed agricultural land near the pig farm.

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