Portal of public services connected to the UEC

Five months after the start of applications for authorization of USC on the map appeared on the portal of public services

To work with the portal gosuslugi.ru now can not get the login and password or e-USB-dongle eTocken. After five months of receipt of applications for the grant of UEC on the site appeared authorization of these cards

Unique system of identification and authentication (ESIA), which is used in the portal of public services, now supports the confirmation of identity by the universal electronic card (UEC), stated in the UEC. To do this, in addition to the card (issued now in banks, shareholders: Savings Bank "Uralsib" and "Ak Bars") are necessary browser plug-in and hardware reader (card reader).

Tested readers published on the website of "Crypto." Now work with a universal card support seven devices: ACS (ACR1281U-C and ACR128), ASEDrive (IIIe and Mini), GemPlus (PC Twin), HID (Omnikey 5321) and Feitian (Rockey 301). 

USC has received and bought a card reader to access your personal account on the portal do not need a username and password, or USB-dongle Aladdin eTocken in "Rostelecom". Simply install the web browser crypto Crypto UEC CSP. So now there are three possible ways authorization gosuslugi.ru.

Application for the issuance of universal cards are accepted since the beginning of 2013, but the agreement with "Rostelecom" for admission to the portal of public services could not be nearly 5 months. Moscow on the same site at the same UEC worked. "Rostelecom" together with VTB Group "Bank of Moscow" from autumn 2012 issues its own "Map of the e-government", in which you can also log on to gosuslugi.ru.

While "Rostelecom" continues to serve as the sole performer on the operation of the infrastructure of e-government, but as already said, in May 2013, CNews, the decision to transfer the functions of the Research Institute of "Sunrise" and "Mail of Russia" was agreed upon by PresidentVladimir Putin. The operator of the portal of public services at the same time will be the "Mail".

Recall "Sunrise" was engaged in the first iteration of the work on e-government, when the Minister of Communications wasLeonid Reiman. The works were transferred from the institution "Rostelecom" after coming to this postIgor Shchegolev.

As they say in the UEC, all with the January 1, 2013 received 66 thousand applications for the cards, and more than 55 thousand have already made. In addition to the standard functionality of a credit card with the UEC is now possible, adding to the kiosks Mosgortransa separate the associated transport purse to pay for travel on the subway (28 rub.) And land transport (26 rubles). At UEC say that now in all the subjects of the Russian Federation tested the possibility of using cards to pay for transport, as well as refillable travel card works except for Moscow and St. Petersburg in a number of regions.

Also, according to the charge of the projects in the capital’s deputy health CIOVladimir Makarov, to authorization by the UEC are all ready infomats and jobs of doctors in Moscow clinics.

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