Portal Our Town. The program is the development of Moscow


Portal "Our Town. The program is the development of Moscow »gorod.mos.ru — is a portal created on the initiative of the Mayor and the Government of Moscow in October 2011. The purpose of its creation — to allow residents of the city of Moscow to participate in the management of the development of the city, to monitor the timeliness and quality of work in the framework of the program for the integrated development of the city.




How does it work?

The authorities in Moscow are placed on the portal’s plans and results of the implementation of plans in different areas — landscaping yards, renovated apartment buildings, repair of the road network and other. Work plans and the results of their implementation are "tied" to specific locations — the yards, residential buildings, which are plotted on a map portal.

City residents have the opportunity to post their comments regarding the timing and quality of the work at the sites, to vote for the comments of other users, and to evaluate the official answers.

The official answer is located directly below the comment to which it was prepared, and the standard response time for the subject matter does not exceed 7 days.


Through the portal you can solve a lot of big and small problems of life, here are examples:                                 


repair the swings at the playground (execution time 2 days)

repair the swings at the playground (execution time 2 days)


clean the parking pocket of snow and ice (period of performance 7days)


repair the door to the porch, steps, musorokamery, holes in the asphalt


remove illegal fencing in the parking pocket (time 2 days)


not working scoreboard pointer floor elevator (term 20 days)


set flower pots that cars are not parked in front of the porch (time 2 days)


thank you for a job, get a promise courtyard garden the lilac bushes next spring


City Hall is very sensitive to the speed and quality of response to the wishes of the officials managing the townspeople, and the most "distinguished" officials of DEZov already look for a new job.



A resident of Moscow!

Look at the website that the government promised to do in 2011 in the yard of your home, in your neighborhood, in your street. Compare that really changed. Point authorities on shortcomings or give thanks for the good work.

Look, what is planned for 2012. Will there be the necessary and useful event or another endless shifting the curb. Write your suggestions to the city authorities.

Authorities spend on landscaping the money you paid in taxes.


Residents of other towns and villages!

Do you have a similar mechanism of feedback?

If not, find the e-mail address of your city town hall officials and tell me how it is implemented in other cities.


Let us together make our city better, more beautiful and well-maintained!


RS Share your impressions then, did you manage to change the city for the better.

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