Positive elements in the reform of the armed forces

At the current time it became stylish to criticize, criticize everything. You listen to the radio, turn on a TV set, you open a newspaper, flip through pages in a web browser, from anywhere flowing for the most part only one criticism of the case and not the case. Already beginning to fear that even plugged in an iron, hear the flow of running out of it criticism. A society in which it was forbidden to criticize anything in a long time, to have a ball. Always easy to criticize, but for all that you need to follow the line, which is going, no matter what kind of criticism constructive discharge is converted into a destructive one. Before the eyes of the looming example of the Russian football team, which has long been under pressure of widespread criticism, and that it's better to play our team from match to match?

At the moment a lot of criticism is heard and the address of the Russian army, and the address of the Ministry of Defense and Defense Minister Anatoly Serdyukov, viz. We live in a country where people seem to be satisfied with everything in their everyday life and everyday environment, so wash up bones native army here is completely normal and mundane. Meanwhile, in recent years in the army and in the country's defense began to occur fairly positive changes.

Finally was a large-scale military reform, which is so long discussed, but with all this, all the expressions were only just words expressed in speech or printed on paper. Now all the words did not stop and let the catalyst for a profound reform made a five-day war with Georgia last reform was carried out, decisively, and not long enough in time. And this is one of the main positive aspects in the development of Russian armed forces.

Positive elements in the reform of the armed forces

In the process of military reform were corrected such significant shortcomings of the armed forces, as sverhperegruzhennaya command and control system and therefore relatively low mobility units. Chain management, consisting of 4 units of the county — army — Division — regiment was reduced to three units: military district — operational command — team. The number of military districts in the country has been reduced from 6 to 4, respectively, it was created, and 4 joint strategic commands. The future of Russian armed forces — the Russian army is not a reference, when all the country's armed forces were only a tremendous repository of military equipment in the event of a probable large-scale war. Heavy weapons stored in hangars unlimited, completely unsuitable for modern Russia. The country needs a modern, mobile army, Russian divisions in place, comes a small-sized fighting force — team.

In the army planned to throw only 96 teams, one hundred percent staffed with personnel and equipment. Any team is completely self-contained fighting unit that has all the necessary tools to combat missions. Modern staff structure Russian motorized infantry brigade contains 3 infantry battalions, one tank battalion, two artillery battalions ACS, antitank battalion, division MLRS, 2 anti-aircraft battalion (artillery and rocket), field engineer battalion, repair and refurbishment battalion battalion communications battalion real security, reconnaissance, battery management and artillery reconnaissance company of radiation, chemical and biological protection, a company of electronic warfare, and control of the brigade headquarters. In contrast to the "mythical" in 1890 an old divisions and regiments of the army, which for deployment to combat status would require more than 10 million people, the data of one hundred percent manned fighters and appliances.

Reducing the number of parts in the Army for 90% allowed to make a combat-ready compounds corresponding to the realities of the current day or. Russian army does not intend, and does not produce in the coming term, the Vistula-Oder offensive operations, the concept of modern warfare has changed significantly over the near future. Large-scale war remained in the past. The reform is allowed to make the parts that you can put into action in a very non-long-time and in any direction. During the 2-Chechen Company and the five-day war with Georgia, Russian military were required to frantically pull out (of the existing on paper divisions) combat-ready formations and a battalion of the regiment level and create a group of them combat-ready. Who would not be such. To combat missions, you can lure the entire team is completely without creating a separate staff over this structure, without mixing the different parts and officers. The quantity and quality of available weapons for a Russian brigade forces to resist at least some of the armies of the Baltic states.

Positive elements in the reform of the armed forces

Reduction of the army up to 1 million people came out almost everything by reducing officer positions. From the ranks of the armed forces has been dismissed more than 150,000 officers and was seen quite painful, but this measure is the only plausible solution to this step. This reduction is absolutely resonates with current economic realities of, any other suggestions, in fact, political demagoguery and populism. Nominations reduce the officer corps, which finally allowed to make the conditions of service of prestigious and pretty for the rest of the officers, it was not simple. By reducing, wages at the lowest position of the commander — a lieutenant in 2012 will reach 50 000. Since January 1, 2012, the level of salaries in the Russian army will grow almost threefold. Small currency allowance for cadets of contract amount — 18.2 thousand rubles, run-of-contract employee — 24.8 thousand rubles, NCO corps commander in the department — 34.6 million rubles, the brigade commander, Colonel — 93.8 thousand . rubles.

It should be noted that under reduction in the main senior officers — majors, lieutenant colonels, colonels, the number of junior officers, lieutenants and lieutenants planned to see in front of 30 and 17%, respectively. Many of the dismissed from the armed forces can already expect to receive military pensions, all of them will be provided with accommodation. At the current time programm for the construction of housing for the military for the first time in long years is made in full. One hundred percent correct sequence to ensure those seeking housing officers and their families is scheduled for the period from 2011 to 2013. In fact, this means that in 2013, the military housing need will occur upon the merits of their respective rights to own property.

A huge plus for the Russian army and a programm for its modernization. Adopted by the State Program for 2011-2020 arms procurement plans by the year 2015 to bring the troops of the modern weapons and military equipment to the level of 30%, and in 2020 to 70-80%. Total for the purchase of arms and research activities planned izderzhat 19 trillion rubles. Adopted by the state program provides for the purchase of 100 combat ships, including 20 submarines, 35 corvettes and 15 frigates. Purchase of more than 600 new aircraft and up to 1,000 new combat helicopters, 56 battalions of S-400 "Triumph".

Positive elements in the reform of the armed forces
Armored Car MIC-3927 "Wolf"

Unfortunately, all previous programs from the procurement of arms in the country ended in failure, to reach 100% of their performance vypolnyaemosti not succeed, but often this is not the fault of the military. Russian society is mired in corruption, absolutely, from the very bottom. Look at yourself, who among us has never in his life did not give bribes to traffic cops, teacher in high school, did not stimulate either the doctor did not leave a penny ZhEKe, that the plumber has delivered a tragedy now, not tomorrow. Well, we do not wish in any way to trade, and with all this happy criticize all the corrupt officials in the government, you can use your loaf, they have this power, not from us to you muddled through. Because incriminate only the Department of Defense in the likely disruption of the applets to be fair, the problem is much more global in nature across the country. But even taking into account the fact that the example program may be, will not work to fully implement, the Army will be able to get so many modern military technology, which it has been received since the Soviet times.

Even the purchase of weapons abroad, the same Israeli drones and Italian armored vehicles in general had a positive impact on the Russian military-industrial complex, which finally felt real konkurentnst the domestic market and seems to be starting to awaken from the long years of slumber. Buy 12 UAVs in Israel for 53 million dollars and the following plans for acquiring vehicles by 100 million dollars, forced the Russian defense industry, "mastered" the development of Russian UAV about 5 billion. rubles, responsible approach to solving this puzzle. Now the Russian defense complex military introduced a sufficient number of samples: White-White-3M and 10, Scat, Aileron, the family of UAVs, "Inspector", only have time to run the tests.

The situation with bronevavtomobilyami even more ridiculous. According to the views of a number of professionals, auto "Tiger" almost at times exceed, adopted by the Russian Army armored Iveko LMV, but the latter somehow enjoyed success in the world and was happy to be purchased by many countries belonging to NATO in particular, while the Russian armored car, really, really intrigued only Brazilian police. So was this a good machine, which, unlike the Russian T-90, Su-30 and its modifications, or AK, and do not need the world market. Almost "Tiger" is not even buried Iveko LMV, and also own a promising development of "GAZ" — family of armored MIC 3927 "The Wolf." This armored car in almost all eclipsed predecessor and received first modern modular assembly, which is the basis for the creation of a unified ts on one platform, and an overvalued level of the reservation.

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