Positive PETER yard improvements

Now I’m in a long trip out, so after visiting Russia in the summer, and walking up to the next yard, I have a fresh vzgyada been noticed many positive changes in terms of blagoustroysta. Most of the changes occurred in just a year or two.

1. Playgrounds

In many district courts, new playground. And it is not sad, and very colorful, themed and all different. Children and parents — happy.


Photographed so that people did not get the shot — did not want to ask permission from each parent to take his picture or child. So the appearance of sites a bit desolate, but in fact it is not.



Here are some visible traces of barbarism that are not on other sites. Maybe put the site not so long ago, or maybe it just becomes less of barbarism.


By the way courts and playgrounds particularly struck by its purity.


But the workers managed to catch the installation of a new platform!


Also there are all sorts of rocker, karuselke and so on. I cite two of the most positive picture.


2. Sports ground

This project has been started about 5 years ago — laying football fields with artificial prokrytiem. Present layout, benches, nets and fences to keep the ball flew.




This is the new basketball court in a neighboring yard, where until recently was a wasteland.


Note the number of players.


This photo is for contrast. So there was before. It is strange that the horizontal bar is not removed, or replaced with a


But already simulators on the street. It’s a pity that the warm months in St. Petersburg is much smaller.


Purely visual impression of a large number of children.


I tried to take pictures from far away, so as not to be seen individuals. Only in this photograph shows 3! Strollers





4. Miscellanea


In the yards are beginning to put sleeping policemen — not around anyway.

Many traffic lights put scoreboard with seconds.



In school sports all the old Soviet replaced with double-glazed windows, yet they say, and repairs took place inside. These colors here, too, was not.


Another grammar school, again all windows — windows and again ploshadka football with artificial turf.


New homes are already designing so that on the first floor housed shops.


A lot of new houses. The truth is all sealing buildings, which has its pros and cons.


Here have found an underground garage.


New garbage containers in the courts:



New trolley


Do not stop the broken glass. May have recently put :)


The complete circumferential


The clear layout

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