Positive trends in the industrial sector of the Tyumen region

In January the index of industrial production reached more than 123% to the corresponding period in 2010. Developing steadily, particularly mining and processing industry.
More than 160 thousand square meters. meters of housing introduced in January Tyumen builders. New housing is in accordance with the planned targets.

The registered unemployment rate remains the lowest in the Ural Federal District and is 0.82%. The number of vacancies is close to 16 thousand. Of these, 13,000 — are permanent jobs.
In 2011, the program to promote employment includes a number of new areas that focus on employment assistance and vocational rehabilitation of parents of many children, parents of children with disabilities, women on maternity leave and women who work in difficult conditions.

In 2011, to take part in the complex activities of the regional government to promote employment expected to attract more than 55,000 people in the region.

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