Poultry Farm Bashkir modernizing production

On the chicken farm "Bashkir" commissioned world’s most powerful machine for sorting eggs. As part of a sorting machine — five lines.

A day machine can sort the 1.4 million eggs. Egg before you get the package, runs two kilometers. "On The Road" it goes flaw detection, surface disinfection with ultraviolet light and then automatically sorted into categories.

The company plans to launch later this year a similar car, but less power.

Poultry Farm "Bashkir" is part of the Ural-Volga agribusiness group. Construction of factory farming was started in 1976, in February 1979, she was put into operation. Poultry farm near the village built Abdon. Poultry Farm works with modern birds crosses. Its main activity is the production of commercial eggs. Daily Poultry produces 1.25 million eggs in a year — more than 450 million pieces. Developed new products: egg "Rural Avdonskoe", "Iodized", "Health". There is also the annual production of more than two thousand tons of poultry meat.

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