Poultry Farm Bohr has introduced a new aviary in the Tyumen region

Tyumen. August 16.
In Golyshmanovsky branch factory farming "Bohr" opened a new poultry house, which has no analogues all over the Urals region.

 Photo source:tumentoday.ru

The new workshop, designed for 107 thousand bird places. According genedirektora poultry Alexander Gordeev, plant commissioning in 2012, will increase the total production of eggs up to 1 billion pieces per year.

The body of the poultry plant, "Bohr"

 Photo source:tumentoday.ru

Video: http://tyumen.rfn.ru/video.html?id=33827&type=r

About retooling in Golyshmanovsky branch Bohr poultry talked for a long time. And then came the long-awaited moment.

 Photo source:tumentoday.ru

This aviary is unique. In a room of 70 by 18 meters vosmiyarusnoe cellular equipment installed by "Big Dutchman". The whole process is fully automatic controls.

"Look how the department operates on Golyshmanovsky yaytsesortirovochnoe equipment without human intervention: about 2 km egg passes through the Ribbon, and not for the man’s hands it falls into a box … It’s all made up in efficiency, economy of the enterprise, and this is the future" — said the deputy Governor of the Tyumen region, the director of the Department of Agribusiness Vladimir Cheymetov.
At the same time there can accommodate 107,000 birds. And had to start out small. First hens settled in Golyshmanovo in 2007. The next year was the first result — 10 million eggs.

"In 2009, we have already received 73 million pieces in 2010 this figure had risen to 74.7 million. In connection with the introduction of this new chicken house here this year, we expect 87 million ", — said Acting Director of "Golyshmanovsky branch of JSC" Poultry "Bohr" Sergei Aguryaglv.

In Golyshmanovsky branch Bohr poultry as its clear objective to produce 100 million eggs. This record is planning to install in the next year. And with the help of chicken breed of "Highland 98 brown."

At the new location chickens feel quite comfortable. And already the first results of poultry delight.

photo Galina Sentemova

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