Poultry Farm Tomsk notes housewarming

In May, the renovated housing factory farming "Tomsk", which is part of the Siberian Agrarian Group after extensive renovation 11 poultry houses, began to settle in broiler chickens.

— Almost a year ago, we went to the farm. There was complete devastation. For the year scored core staff. Currently, the site is working Molodezhnenskoy 35 workshops for floor. Poultry population is 900,000 broilers. Eleven cases we are now equipped with a cellular content, and there are using the latest technology. For example, each cell has an individual LED lighting — examples of such technical solutions in the world not — Batalov said Anatoly.

This organization of the poultry will triple the number of broilers in each case, significantly reduce labor and energy costs, and ultimately double the production of meat and to increase the production to 36 million tonnes of live weight per year.

By preparing a large-scale renovation and ground poultry tuganskiy "Tomsk". Currently, there is carried out gasification production plants. Began installation of the total egg belt conveyor, which further connects all of the industrial plant with egg store. In the re-equipment of production facilities is planned to invest about 600 million rubles.

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