Power Machines executed the order of the branch of Ilim Group in Bratsk

OAO "Kaluga Turbine Plant" OJSC ("GTC"), part of the concern "Power Machines", manufactured and successfully tested two steam turbines for the branch of the "Group" Ilim "in Bratsk.

Under the terms of the contract signed with JSC "Power Corporation" Union "in June 2011, JSC" KTZ "will design, manufacture and deliver two back pressure steam turbine — R-27-8, 8/1, 35 27 MW and P-32 -8.8 / 0.65 32 MW.

JSC "KTZ" and previously supplied turbines for the branch of the "Group" Ilim "Bratsk formed on the basis of the Bratsk timber industry. New equipment necessary for the reconstruction of the turbine section of TPP-3 branch.

The tests were conducted on turbines specially modernized under this order the test bench. Turbine P-27 and P-32 were for "GTC" new project: backpressure turbine power plant is a never before released.

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