Power Machines have completed production of hydraulic equipment for hydro Svetogorskaya

"Power Machines" has completed production of capital equipment for the fourth and the last Svetogorskaya hydroelectric power plant in a large scale project for reconstruction of the cascade Vuoksinskie power plant (JSC "TGC-1"). 

In the near future will begin installation of the manufactured equipment — it will work in the hydraulic unit number 2, to be commissioned in November this year. In addition, the "Power Machines" complete fabrication of capital equipment for the latter, the fourth Lesogorskaya hydroelectric power plant, also supplied Vuoksinskie cascade hydropower plants, which will be put into operation in 2013. 

The agreement, signed by the "Power Machines" and OAO "TGC-1" in 2007, provides for the reconstruction of four Lesogorskaya hydroelectric power plant (with a capacity of 29.5 MW each) and four Svetogorskaya hydroelectric power plant (with a capacity of 30.5 MW each). Contractual obligations "Power Machines" include the design, manufacture, testing and supply of equipment, erection supervision and commissioning. 

To date, of the eight units were reconstructed and put into operation five: Svetogorskaya hydropower units with station number 3 (June 2009), № 1 (July 2010goda) and number 4 (November 2011), as well as hydro units Lesogorskaya with station number 1 (December 2009) and number 2 (February 2011). The next step — Lesogorskoe aggregates number 3 (2012), and number 4 (2013), and the second unit Svetogorsky (2012). 

As a result of modernization and Lesogorskaya Svetogorskaya hydropower installed capacity Vuoksinskaya stage increase to 240 MW, and the efficiency of the equipment will increase by more than 30%. In this case, the life of hydraulic units will be extended to 30 years. 


HPP Cascade Vuoksinskie JSC "TGC-1" — The basic source of power of the Karelian Isthmus. Combining the two hydro — SVETOGORSK and Lesogorskoe — provides for the transmission of electricity generation in the national grid in the region and meet the peak daily load energy. Cascade also exports electricity to Finland. Complex reconstruction of hydroelectric Vuoksinskaya cascade began in 2007. It is one of the priority projects of the investment program of OAO "TGC-1", which includes the construction and reconstruction of generating facilities in St. Petersburg and the Leningrad region total power capacity of 1650 MW (in the framework of agreements on power supply). 

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