Power Machines have shipped large equipment for new SShGES

In the framework of the V International Economic Forum held a solemn ceremony into the ship first batch of large equipment manufactured by JSC "Power Machines" for the Sayano-Shushenskaya hydroelectric power station (SSHPP) of JSC "RusHydro".

Heavy units for Sayano-Shushenskaya HPP hydro units were loaded on a vessel of "river — sea" on the dock at the Sverdlovsk waterfront in St. Petersburg. Transporting the first three sets of large equipment, each of which consists of a turbine impeller (wheel weight — 145 t — diameter 6.84 m) maslovanny thrust generator (weight — 21 tons, diameter — 6.1m) and 13-ton the core of the auxiliary generator rotor diameter of 6.09 m, will be made only possible way — by sea and river navigation routes in the summer of 2011. Delivery of the first batch of the new equipment will last 35-40 days.

"Power Machines" is manufactured and shipped to the station part of the water-wheel and hydrogenerator equipment for the first two SShGES. At present, the shipment of the equipment and the third hydro-going shipment third turbine units.

In parallel, the production platforms of "Power machines" are working on manufacturing equipment for the fourth and fifth hydraulic units ready units shipped as of manufacture.

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