Power Machines have won the tender for the modernization of the turbine unit number 15 Luhansk TPP (Ukraine)

The contest for the modernization of the turbine unit number 15 Luhansk TPP, announced Ltd. "Eastenergo" (DTEK), it was recognized the winner of OJSC "Power Machines". 

The tender was also attended by Ukrainian "Turboatom" and concern "East-Ukrainian Union of Industrialists energy." 

Petersburg power engineering company "Power Machines", offering the best technical and economical option, will act as general contractor for the project of modernization of turbine unit number 15 and will deliver to the station equipment for modernization with an increase in power from 200 to 224.1 MW. The relevant contract company will conclude in the near future.

The participation of "Power Machines" in updating the next unit of Lugansk TPP — the continuation of a successful project to modernize the Russian fleet by steam turbines Ukrainian thermal power plants. In 2008 — 2010 years "Power Machines" has upgraded the low-pressure turbine cylinder power unit number 5 and cylinders of high and medium pressure turbine unit number 7 Kurakhovskaya TPP. As a result, the capacity of each unit was increased to 10 MW. Currently, the "Power Machines" participate in the modernization of the medium-pressure cylinder of the turbine K-200-130 power unit number 10 Luhansk TPP. 

In addition, in September 2011, "Power Machines" won the tender and signed a contract with "Eastenergo" to modernize the turbine of 200 MW power unit number 13 Luhansk TPP. In accordance with the terms of the contract "Power Machines" will perform works by replacing the high-pressure cylinder and cylinder modernization of medium and low-pressure unit. The uniqueness of this project is to use a high-pressure cylinder turbine jet-blading, which significantly increases the rated power of the turbine — from 200 to 217 MW. Stopping power for the upgrade is scheduled for March 2012, start-up after the upgrade is scheduled for late 2012.

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