Power Machines hydrogenerator completed the shipment of equipment for hydro power plant

OJSC "Power Machines" completed the process of shipping the equipment to hydrogenerator second hydro power plant (SSHPP) of JSC "RusHydro".
Also in the "Power Machines" continues shipment of finished units the third one generator and complete shipment of the equipment the second turbine.

The contract for the manufacture of main power equipment to restore the Sayano-Shushenskaya hydroelectric power station "Power Machines" and JSC "RusHydro", signed in November 2009. According to him, "Power Machines" will produce 10 turbines and nine hydro generators with a capacity of 640 MW, as well as six excitation systems. In addition, the specialists of "Power Machines" will provide services for installation of the supplied equipment, including installation supervision and commissioning. The contract is worth 11.7 billion rubles (without VAT). In total this year’s "Power Machines" will produce hydropower equipment for the five hydroelectric station restored.

The service life of new hydroelectric will be increased to 40 years, with a maximum turbine efficiency 96.6%. Will improve its energy and cavitation characteristics. Also, the turbine will be equipped with a more efficient system of technological protections acting on the automatic shutdown of the unit in case of unacceptable deviations regime controlled parameters.

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