Power Machines manufactured equipment for hydro power plants Punta Negra

"Power Machines" manufactured main turbine equipment for the first hydroelectric power plant under construction "Punta Negra" (Argentina).

In 2011, "Power Machines" and the Argentine UTE (a consortium of construction companies "Paneda" and "Techint") entered into an agreement on the manufacture of main generating equipment for two hydroelectric power plant "Punta Negra."

Under the terms of the contract "Power Machines" manufacture and deliver two Francis turbine with capacity of 31.62 MW each, including pre-turbine valves diameter of 2.6 m and regulatory equipment, as well as two complete generator with excitation systems.

To date, produced and presented to the representative of the customer basic equipment for the first hydroelectric turbines, including the impeller and guide vanes. In addition, manufactured generators and excitation systems for the two hydraulic units. Start of shipment to the customer first batch of manufactured equipment is scheduled for July.

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