Power Machines manufactured turbine for Tom-Usinsk SRPS

the investment project of the "Siberian Generating Company" modernization Tom-Usinsk GRES OAO "Power Machines" manufactured and successfully tested a steam turbine with a capacity of 120 MW, designed for fifth power station.
In December 2010 "Power Machines" and Siberian Generating Company entered into several contracts to supply steam turbines and turbine generators for power plants of JSC "Kuzbassenergo". The contracts totaled about 4.4 billion.

"Power Machines" will put two steam turbines of 120 MW each, for a number of blocks 4 and 5 Tom-Usinsk power plant, as well as two turbines of 225 MW and two turbine generator units to them for the number 4 and 6 Belovo. The scope of the contractual obligations of power engineering services company includes supervision of installation and commissioning supervision equipment. Equipment deliveries will be completed in June 2013.
To date, in addition to the turbine for Tom-Usinsk SRPS "Power Machines" manufactured turbine generator for Belovo.
In the modernization of the Tom-Usinsk GRES takes part Taganrog Boiler Plant "Red Boiler" (the main production site of "EMA", part of the "Power Machines"), which will manufacture and supply for turbine number 4 and number 5 of this station Two groups of high-pressure heaters, complete with high-speed protection devices. Heaters are designed for earthquake resistance in 8 points.

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