Power Machines manufactured turbine generator for the Ryazan GRES (JSC OGK-2)


  • The photo of Vladimir TIMOFEEVA: Ryazan turbine generator in the KMT "Elektrosila"
  • The photo of Vladimir TIMOFEEVA: Ryazan turbine generator in the KMT "Elektrosila"

"Power Machines" ahead of the contractual terms of manufactured, tested and prepared for delivery to the customer of 350 MW turbine generator, designed for the second power Ryazan GRES. 

In the case of high-power test center turbine generators (KMT) ‘Elektrosila "generator has successfully passed the comprehensive test. The date of their customer was informed in advance. Start testing the assembled turbine generator he entrusted to carry out the factory personnel.

Under the supervision of representatives of the Ryazan GRES high voltage tests were carried out only after the withdrawal of the rotor stator. Under the terms of the agreement in the production process the customer tested the performance of individual process steps. In particular, during the first inspection of the KMT representatives of the station was presented the stator housing, which was conducted distillation edges prior to assembly of the core. Also was visually inspected after the rotor shaft machined. One of the main points of the program to ensure the quality of turbine rotor are tested in the dispersal of the balancing
building the "Elektrosila." They were attended by a representative of the Ryazan GRES.

All the characteristics of the turbogenerator obtained for complex plant trials are fully consistent with the technical documentation, as recorded in the signed acceptance acceptance protocols.
For the second power Ryazan GRES "Power Machines" will put the turbine of 330 MW turbine generator and a hydrogen-water cooling capacity of 350 MW. They will replace the turbine at a power plant "trehsotku" and LMZ turbine generator production and "Elektrosila" respectively, established almost 40 years ago.

Currently, the "Power Machines" continue to manufacture turbines for the second power Ryazan GRES, whose surrender to the customer is scheduled for June this year.  

The contract for the modernization of the second power of the Ryazan GRES, providing a complete replacement of the steam turbine and generator, was concluded in 2008. In accordance with its terms "Power Machines" manufacture and deliver to the station turbine capacity of 330 MW turbine generator with a hydrogen-cooled 350 MW, as well as auxiliary power equipment. In addition, the responsibilities of power engineering services include supervision of installation and commissioning of the equipment supplied. Deadline supply — the third quarter of 2012. 

The new equipment will be installed on the same foundation with minimum modification. According to the designers, power turbines and turbine generator is enhanced by the use of modern solutions in the design, manufacturing processes and materials. Turbine generators with hydrogen-cooled manufactured in the company for many years as standard and well proven in operation.


Ryazan GRES — one of the country’s largest thermal condensation power. It is near the town Novomichurinsk, located on the right bank of the river Pronya (a tributary of the Oka River). The city is named in honor of the breeder Ivan Michurin.  

Now Ryazan GRES has six units: four with a capacity of 300 MW and two 800 MW each, for which the equipment supplied LMZ and "Electric power". At one time in the station management professionals in service "Power Machines" to repair the backup generator stator
T3V capacity of 800 MW with a full water cooling with the replacement of outer packages of active iron and winding. All repairs and acceptance testing of the stator directly to the power plant were conducted on industrial technology. 



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