Power Machines manufactured turbine to Belovo

"Power Machines" manufactured a steam turbine capacity of 225 MW for the fourth unit Belovo of "Kuzbassenergo" (part of "Siberian Generating Company"). 

  • Belovskaya TPP. Photo by Dmitry Pavlikova with MoyMir@mail.ru

The contract for the manufacture and supply of two turbines of 225 MW each, complete with turbo-generators for the modernization of Belovskaya power plant was signed by the parties in December 2010. Under the contract, "Power Machines" is not only manufacture and deliver turbine, turbine generators and ancillary equipment to the station, but also to perform the services of construction supervision and supervision of commissioning of equipment. 

"Siberian Generating Company" is working on the replacement of two turbines at Belovo under the contract for the supply of power (PDM). As a result of their implementation at the power number 4 and number 6 will be replaced or discarded turbines with a total installed capacity of 400 MW. 

Commissioning of the unit number 4 is scheduled for December 2013, unit number 6 — at the end of 2014. The upgrade will increase the reliability of the station, as well as to increase the production of electrical energy required for the further development of the region. 

Earlier, in July this year, "Power Machines" completed production of complete sets of 220 MW turbine generator with auxiliary equipment for the unit number 4 Belovo. Currently, the production sites of "Power Machines", work is continuing on making the second turbine and the second turbine. Completion of the equipment is scheduled for delivery in June 2013. 

Apart from the two turbines to Belovo "Power Machines" will manufacture equipment for the implementation of investment projects on two more stations "Kuzbassenergo" — Tom-Usinsk and Novokuznetsk gas turbine power plant (built on the site of the Kuznetsk CHP). The work on these sites should be completed in 2013. At present, power engineering concern manufactured and shipped to the customer first turbine capacity of 120 MW for Tom-Usinsk SRPS and the first turbo-unit number for the gas turbine 14 Novokuznetsk. 

In the project of modernization of Belovskaya and Tom-Usinsk GRES also involved a member of OJSC "Power Machines" of SCC "Red Boiler" performing manufacturing and supply at the station 12 high-pressure heaters and four-speed protection devices to them.

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