Power Machines manufactured turbine to the fourth power of Tom-Usinsk SRPS

"Power Machines" manufactured and tested the steam turbine capacity of 120 MW for the fourth unit of the Tom-Usinsk SRPS Siberian Generating Company (SGC). The contract for the manufacture and supply of two steam turbines of 120 MW each for the fourth and fifth blocks of Tom-Usinsk SRPS sides signed in December 2010. According to the agreement, "Power Machines" is not only manufacture and deliver the turbine, but also perform services of construction supervision and supervision of commissioning of equipment.

Commissioning of both units at the Tom-Usinsk GRES is planned for 2013-2014. The upgrade will increase the reliability of the station, as well as to increase the production of electrical energy required for the further development of the region. Works are carried out in the framework of the investment program SGK.

Apart from the two turbines for Tom-Usinsk SRPS "Power Machines" manufacture equipment for two more stations Kemerovo branch of SGK — Belovo and Kuznetsk CHP. All work on the manufacture and supply of turbines for the stations of Kemerovo branch of the JSC "Power machines" should be completed by June 1, 2013.

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