Power Machines manufactured turbogenerator for TPP-12 Mosenergo

"Power Machines" ahead of contractual maturity manufactured, tested and delivered to the customer turbogenerator 160 MW combined-cycle plant under construction for TPP-12 OAO "Mosenergo". After the completion of the production test turbine generator was packed and ready for shipment.

The contract for the supply of power equipment for a new combined cycle gas turbine (CCGT) power of 220 MW thermal power station-12 OAO "Mosenergo" was concluded in March 2011. In accordance with its terms "Power Machines" will design, manufacture and deliver for CCP-220 gas turbine GTE-160 complete with a generator power of 160 MW steam turbine T-56/73 capacity of 73 MW steam turbine generator to the power of 80 MW, and ancillary equipment. In addition, the obligation of "Power Machines" includes the services of the construction supervision and management start-up works.

Completion of the equipment is scheduled for delivery in March 2013. Entering a new PSU is scheduled for late 2013-th — beginning of year 2014. 

At present, the production of "Power Machines" is the second turbine generator, which is scheduled to finish production in August of this year.

Construction of CCGT-220 at CHPP-12 of "Mosenergo" carried out in accordance with the contract for supply of power, concluded in 2010. The general contractor of the facility — OAO "Mosenergo Energy."

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