Power Machines produced last, ninth Boguchan for hydro power plant

OJSC "Power Machines" manufactured, tested and delivered to the customer last, ninth hydro generator, designed to Boguchan plant, construction of which is JSC "RusHydro" and OK "Rusal" lead in the Krasnoyarsk Territory.
Only under the terms of contracts between the "Power Machines" and the partners in the project of building the station — "RusHydro" and OK "Rusal" in 2006 — 2007 years, "Power machines" provide for the design and manufacture of power plant Boguchan nine turbines and nine hydro-rated capacity of 333 MW each. The installed capacity of the plant, equipped with the equipment, will be 3000 MW, average long-term development — 17.6 billion kWh.

To date, in addition to the nine generators "Power Machines" produced for Boguchan eight hydro turbines and nine runners to them. Now production sites in St. Petersburg power engineering company completed work on making gidrovala — the last node in the ninth turbine.

From the works of "Power Machines" of the equipment at the plant are eight turbines, seven runners and most of the equipment for the five hydro. Currently in St. Petersburg completed shipment of the sixth generator and work began on the seventh shipment. According to the schedule completion hydrogenerator equipment deliveries scheduled for late 2012, when some of its elements will be produced and delivered to the site Boguchan hydroelectric and other manufacturers. In addition, during the summer season 2011 will begin operation on transportation impellers number 8 and number 9 from St. Petersburg to Krasnoyarsk region.

Currently, the construction of the power plant Boguchan are being mounted hydraulic units № 1, № 2 and number 3 of the first start-up complex. Installation of HA number 1 commenced on 1 July 2010, the number of GA 2 — in the first ten days of September 2010, the number of GA 3 — in October 2010. Hydraulic head assembly time with the commissioning of 12 months. For the second and all subsequent series of hydraulic installation with start-up works will be 10 months.

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