Power Machines remodel Volga HPP

OJSC "Power Machines" produced the second of 22 synchronous vertical hydro generators in the performance of the umbrella maximum capacity 144.5 MW for the Volga hydroelectric power station. It is designed for hydraulic unit number 22.

The contract for the replacement of the "turn-key" hydro turbines 10 and 22 on the Volga hydro-power plant was signed with JSC "RusHydro" in 2011. In accordance with the terms of the contract "Power Machines" will provide the design, manufacture, testing and supply of hydropower station on 10 turbines maximum capacity of 145 MW and a maximum output of 22 generators of 144.5 MW.

In contractual obligations "Power Machines" is a full range of activities, including in addition to making the dismantling of the old and installation of new equipment, installation supervision, commissioning and start-up. Deliveries of equipment — in 2013, the end — in 2021 m.

Earlier in April of this year, "Power Machines" produced the first hydroelectric generator to number 21. Now manufacturing facilities of power engineering equipment is located in the third generator (for hydraulic unit with the station number 12).

Also as part of the modernization of the Volga hydroelectric power station "Power Machines" in accordance with the signed in 2010 with JSC "RusHydro" contract has upgraded the four turbines with a nominal increase in power of each unit from 115 to 125.5 MW.

In addition, power engineering concern supply by 2017 22 sets of systems of hydro-power plant for the Volga, a contract was signed in 2012.

Modernization of hydraulic equipment will significantly improve the reliability and performance, as well as to increase the installed capacity of the Volga Hydroelectric Power Station.

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