Power Machines upgrade Charvakskaya plant in Uzbekistan

"Power Machines" and Unitary Enterprise "Cascade-Orta Chirchik HPP", part of "Uzbekenergo" (Uzbekistan) have entered into a contract to upgrade four Chorvoq hydroelectric power plant.  

In accordance with the terms of the contract "Power Machines" will work to modernize three hydro capacity of 155 MW, which will replace the stator winding, and establish a new system of excitement. Also for the number of hydraulic units 1, 2 and 4 Russian power company will manufacture three runners turbines. In addition to the four hydroelectric stations specialists "Power Machines" will hold the modernization of the hydro-mechanical controls and oil pressure settings, perform the reconstruction of the automatic control of hydraulic systems with the creation of visual monitoring and control at the level of hydroelectric power plants. In addition, the "Power Machines" will provide services of construction supervision and commissioning. 

Equipment supply contract to be implemented in the period from 2012 to 2015. 

Replacement of equipment of four hydroelectric head hydroelectric Chirchiq-Bozsu stage will not only increase their capacity from 155 to 175 MW, but will also increase reliability and improve performance.


Charvakskaya HPP located north of Tashkent in the spurs of the Western Tien Shan — the head and the most powerful (620 MW) hydroelectric power station in the Chirchik-Bozsu stage. Its technical arsenal consists of four hydraulic, radial-axial turbines and generators which were at one time are manufactured in "Power Machines" — Leningrad Metal Plant and Plant "Electric power".

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