Power plant with microturbines for Timerovskom field

utilizes the entire APG fishing

BPC Engineering has launched into commercial operation of the complete power plant ENEX based Capstone microturbines for Timerovskom oil field in Tatarstan.

The power plant is manufactured in our own factory BOC Tutaev Yaroslavl region in accordance with individual customer requirements and delivered in the shortest possible time — less than three months. Its electric power is 600 kW. ENEX powerhouse in offline mode. It is composed of three Capstone C200 microturbine installation, two of which are major, and one — the backup. The project BPC Engineering performed as supervising installation and commissioning of the equipment.
ENEX powerhouse built as part of the obligations of the oil company for recycling at least 95% of associated petroleum gas, which is used as fuel.

Feature of the project is the high content of nitrogen in PNG deposits (59%) and low content of methane (26.6%). This choice is due microturbine generators that can operate in aggressive fuels, including changing the methane number and high hydrogen sulfide content (4-7%), without damage to the engine, unlike piston units are very sensitive and require a fuel composition special training of the gas. Associated gas pressure

oilfield fed directly Position oil separation turbine to generate electricity. The main consumers of electricity are bushes oil field production wells, pumping equipment, group metering stations and low-voltage equipment. ENEX powerhouse has been put on the object in the block-modular high degree of prefabrication, which includes, besides the main generating equipment, power distribution systems, automation, control and monitoring, alarm and fire. Simple connection of all utilities and no need for the construction of major buildings for energy generation has allowed CCI "TatRITEKneft" reduce the cost of the project. Due to the inaccessibility of the object — field is located on an island in the waters of the reservoir in the Nizhnekamsk estuaries Ik and White in the North-Eastern part of Tatarstan — to the main equipment power makes high demands on the reliability of battery life, convenience and ease of use. The design of the engine C200 only one moving part — the rotor shaft, which minimizes the risk of potential damage. The use of air bearing eliminates the need for oil and coolant. In this regard, maintenance of the equipment is no more than once a year (every 8,000 hours of operation) on-site and only takes a few hours. Work power is fully automated and does not require permanent attendance, the number of which is reduced to one supervisor, working in shifts.

To date, power ENEX Timerovskogo oil field operated in the normal mode and utilizes the entire oil field associated gas.

Operational and maintenance of power is carried out by specialists BPC Engineering in the three-year service contract with JSC "RITEK".

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