Powerful weather events involving more countries in the Northern Hemisphere


Powerful weather events involving more countries in the Northern Hemisphere



More and more countries in the northern hemisphere covers powerful weather events. In particular, the strongest frosts in eastern Canada, where the temperature with the wind factor was lower in some places up to minus 55 degrees Celsius, led to the introduction of emergency measures to help the homeless, the abolition of classes in schools and calls for the authorities to save energy, the consumption of which has risen to record highs.

Strong winds and snow expected today in the Canadian capital, where, according to weather forecasts, the frost will reach minus 43 degrees. Toronto (Ontario), the thermometer drops to minus 33 degrees mark. In shelters, the city organized extra space for the homeless on the streets patrolling intensified by social services and law enforcement authorities distributed free of charge among people who are homeless tickets for the metro and buses to travel to the nearest shelter.

In Quebec (Quebec), where marked the 48-degree cold, the energy company the province encourages residents to take steps to save energy, the consumption of which in times past has reached record levels. Setting an example to customers, the company for the first time since 1998, switched off the lights of their names on the headquarters building in Montreal.

In Montreal, where the temperature is expected to fall to minus 41 degrees, do not stand pipe water supply system. As a result, their tears several streets into dangerous "rollers". Temperatures down to minus 50 degrees and established in the provinces of New Brunswick, Nova Scotia, Prince Edward Island. According to the forecasts of meteorologists, the weather will hold on to the east of the country a few days.

With the cold snap, closing in on Eastern United States, authorities in New York have launched a campaign to evacuate the homeless off the streets. Those who have no roof over their head, immediately offered to move to shelters. Homeless people searching for social workers, does not remain on the sidelines and the police. Mayor Michael Bloomberg called on citizens not hesitate to tell guards about the people who arranged for the night under bridges and on the ventilation slats. This, he said, need to do to save themselves as disadvantaged.

In the next day in New York, the thermometer dropped to minus 10 degrees Celsius, and with the cold wind factor at times will reach 30 degrees below zero. It is also expected snowfall. The city has already appeared unusual for the victims of these places of cold weather, but because the authorities rush to take measures to ensure that such incidents do not become numerous.

And north of Japan is dominated by a vast cyclone brought to the region the strongest storm and gale-force wind gusts exceeding 100 km / h Met Office weather forecasters warned that the storm will last at least until the end of the day.

Huge snowdrifts paralyzed transport on the island of Hokkaido, northern main island of Honshu. Only in the last day in the region has dropped from 30 cm in the city of Nemuro (northeast of Hokkaido) to 87 cm in Kitami (off the coast of the Sea of Okhotsk) of rain. Bad weather caused numerous avalanches because of which closed some highways of national significance.

The region has canceled hundreds of flights. Commuter trains go very late, and on the Shinkansen high-speed railway is greatly reduced speeds. ITAR-TASS.

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