POZIS (RT) has launched the production of refrigeration SHIVAKI

May 5 on the basis of JSC "Pozis» (POZIS), a member of the State Company "Russian Technologies", the launch of refrigerating appliances under the brand name SHIVAKI (Japan).


In the period from 2011 to 2012 worked through the issues POZIS OEM cooperation for the production of refrigeration equipment with more than 10 well-known international brands. Today the concrete agreements on cooperation and launch of the company in the squares of five models of modern refrigeration appliances under the brand name Japanese brand SHIVAKI — one of the world’s top sellers in the field of electronics and home appliances.

Company SHIVAKI POZIS for a strategic partner whose involvement will significantly enhance innovation and industrial potential. Cooperation in this area will further produce more than 30 thousand units refrigeration equipment already in the course of this year.

Opening the ceremony, General Director of JSC "Pozis" Radik Hasanov thanked the employees of the enterprise, to work productively on the creation of new products.


"The idea was in the air for several years, but only for its implementation took seriously — the result was not long in coming. Rigid requirements for us to partner not only fair, but also stimulate the further development of our company — said the CEO. — The company POZIS guarantees perpetual motion machine called SHIVAKI ».


Reliability refrigeration POZIS stressed and CEO of ZAO "Radioimport" — the brand owner SHIVAKI in Russia — Andrey Kolesnikov: "Among the five Russian companies producing refrigeration equipment we chose POZIS. We realized that here we find not only high quality and advanced technology, but also a team of associates. "


The new refrigeration products under the brand SHIVAKI will demand not only in our country but also abroad. "White technique» Tatarstan production of "Radioimport" already announced in Poland, Germany and the Baltic countries.

First of May shipment will go to Ukraine. It will be one of the largest markets — up to 30 thousand refrigerators per year. In Russia, starting from 2013, intends to sell up to 50 million units per year. In the first stage refrigerators SHIVAKI will be sold in about 500 Russian stores.


In addition, new products should also introduce the world to the work of masters zelenodoltsev known for their painted masterpieces. According to Andrei Kolesnikov, this exclusive could be "the bomb" in today’s European market refrigeration equipment.


Partnership POZIS and SHIVAKI certainly will be the basis for the successful development of joint OEM direction. And the prospects of this cooperation are sure the heads of both companies. In support of their intentions and Andrei Kolesnikov Radik Khasanov the sound of solemn fanfare cut the red ribbon symbolizing the launch of the conveyor and start the production of refrigeration equipment under the brand SHIVAKI.

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