Pozis (Tatarstan), doubled output

Sergo Plant (Pozis), part of the holding "Tehmash" Rostekhnadzor SC, in the first half of 2013 increased the production of products under its own brand POZIS by 121%. The increase in production of medical refrigeration equipment compared with 2012 amounted to 54.6%.

POZIS firmly holds the leading position among the manufacturers of refrigeration equipment in Russia. According to the schedule, the company started execution of defense procurement, engineering and toolmaking company "loaded" until 2014.

Medical cooling equipment is a priority of the company, has been a steady increase in sales — not only in Russia, but also for export.


JSC "Production Association" Sergo Plant "(Pozis) — manufacturer of major appliances and high-tech medical refrigeration equipment. Is a holding company "Tehmash" SC Rostekhnadzor. Is a leading engineering company in Russia. Pozis is the only manufacturer of medical refrigeration equipment in the SC Rostekhnadzor.

"Scientific-Production Concern" Mechanical Engineering "(SPC" Tehmash ") was established in 2011 by the State Corporation" Russian Technologies "(Rostekhnadzor). Concern Corporation entrusted the management of enterprises in the industry of ammunition and special chemicals. The composition of NPK included well-known on the world markets, producers of ammunition — for T-90 tanks and infantry fighting vehicles BMP-3, self-propelled howitzers, "MSTA" and multiple launch rocket systems "Hurricane" and "Twister" for naval artillery and aircraft, for mortars, grenade launchers and many other systems.

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