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PP Association PAC (Association of producers and consumers of press-forging equipment) in collaboration with the industry’s plants JSC "Heavy mechanical presses", JSC "Plant de Sales PAC" and other engineering plants is working to create a new generation of Russian co-ordinate and revolving punch presses, hydraulic presses for pressing municipal solid waste.

Successfully delivered and shipped to the customer press for cutting grooves in the plates of the rotor and stator electric cars AO920F3M.01 model.

Signed a contract to supply a few more units of similar equipment.

Debug your code press force of 63 ton perforation. K0128F4P model. The equipment is prepared for delivery to the customer in early May of this year  

Completes the assembly of the complex for punching holes in the plastic packs of tapes. The complex consists of the press con. 100 ton and pulling the roller feed. Delivery of the equipment is scheduled for May 2012

Completed assembly of the press table crank model PHC-2. Surrender is planned for May 2012 

Debugging multi-disc continues scissors for cutting tape width 63 mm model ND-0, 4, and their refinement based on the results of the tests.

Is being assembled 2-coordinate model OTSK0126F4 turret presses. Delivery of the first planned for the end of May 2012

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