PP Association PAC: news production site

Association of producers and consumers of forging equipment (PP Association PAC) reported the latest news from the production site.

So, is currently under production-press machine with CNC model AO920F3M.01 us.150 kN (15 ton) designed to block pattern forming grooves in the iron stator and rotor electrical machines.

 Photo source:ppkpo.ru

Also completed assembly line transformer iron cross cutting width up to 400 mm complete with automatic feed roller and two pneumatic scissors providing cutting blanks for angles of + / -45 degrees and 90 degrees. The minimum cut length on both sides of the preforms was approximately 300 mm.

In addition, the enterprises of the Association shipped to the customer after an overhaul open-action crank press force of 40, 100 and 160 mc.

PP Association PAC referred to the technical documentation for the production of sectional punching press machine, CNC effort of 630 kN (63 ton) models K0128F4P intended for the manufacture of steel billets sieve thickness of 5 mm.

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