Precision weapons APKWS system will be placed on UAVs

Precision weapons APKWS system will be placed on UAVs
Resource Engineering, September 25. For the first time, modern precision weapons APKWS system will be located on an unmanned aircraft, reported on the website of the company BAE Systems September 17, 2012.

The company, which has developed and is developing a control unit laser-guided missiles, recently received a contract from the U.S. Navy for the installation of the system on unmanned aerial vehicle MQ-8B Fire Scout.

Assembly on said carrier is performed in response to an urgent operational (operational) requirement and prepared for deployment frisky. Company BAE Systems will support work on integrating the frisky means performing system analysis and modeling based on its built-in flight simulator highest precision.

Unmanned aircraft can operate in modes that are considered very unsafe for manned aircraft and dramatically expands the types of tasks that can be performed with surface ships.

APKWS system is the only record of the U.S. government for applets rockets caliber 2.75 inches with semi-active laser guidance. U.S. Navy pilots recently graduated from the initial operational test and evaluation programs from step system for APKWS.

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