Prefabricated radar technology has only Russia

Only Russia has the technology of creating prefabricated radar (radar) to track missile launches, said on Thursday the General Director of JSC "RTI", the developer of the Russian system of missile warning (EWS) Sergey Fights.

"The performance characteristics of our high operational radar higher than international peers: range target detection on power consumption. All other operating performance of our radar is also better, "- said the Loot, transfers RIA "Novosti".

The commander of the Aerospace Defence Lt. Gen. Oleg Ostapenko told reporters pointed out the possibility of the Russian military-industrial complex in this direction.

"I think our defense industry and scientific potential in this area is much higher than that of foreign countries," — said Ostapenko.

According to the newspaper VIEW, on Wednesday on an experimental combat duty in the Irkutsk region was setradar system of missile warning (EWS) "Voronezh-M".

According to Ostapenko, "after the commissioning of the second phase of the radar" Voronezh-M ", the need to place in the vicinity of the station early warning system" Dnepr "disappear", and it will be decommissioned.

According to journalists officers on duty at the station "Voronezh-M", with the introduction of the second stage (section) of the radar "Voronezh" sector of its review will be doubled — up to 240 degrees, and it will see the area from the west coast of the United States to India.

Earlier it was reported that the radar system "Voronezh" can be easily and rapidly modernized during operation. This is the essential difference between the new radar station from earlier generations, who had a tough architecture, where design was formed in the process of development and remained virtually unchanged until the end of the operation.

The advantage of radar "Voronezh" compared to the old station is the fact that its power consumption is 0.7 mW (at the radar "Dnepr" and "DTV" — 2.0 and 50 MW, respectively). It is constructed of 23 pieces of technological equipment ("Dnepr" — from 180, and "DTV" — 4 out of 70 million).

"This is the fourth station of the new generation, entered into service in the territory of the Russian Federation in recent years. Radar will operate in the meter band and cover missile-east direction, "- said the spokesman of the press service of the Defense Ministry and information on troops Aerospace Defense (ASD), Colonel Alexei Zolotukhin.

He said, that within the system of missile warning radar construction of new generation planned in other regions of Russia.

Among the possible locations for the new type of radar "Voronezh-M" are considered areas of cities Pechora, Barnaul, Eniseisk and others.

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