Pregnancy Calendar

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Expectant mother wondering how her body is changing. And, of course, on how to grow and develop her baby within 40 weeks of pregnancy. When the crumbs starts beating heart, open your eyes, what term ends the formation of different organs? He hears the music and distinguishes whether the odors?

All this takes place gradually. First trimester pregnancy — the most important. During this period, there is a bookmark organs and systems of the baby. In the second trimester — about to15-16 week — you can determine the sex of the unborn child. In the middle of pregnancy (approximately 20 weeks) mother begins to feel fetal movements. In the third trimester (28 weeks) fetus significantly gaining weight, there is a "doshlifovka" of his organs. If baby will be born after 28 weeks of pregnancy, it has a chance to survive the special care. However, the normal delivery "on time" come on36-42 week of pregnancy.

Pregnancy calendar is a faithful assistant for nine months, every week, providing useful information about the future of the child and changes in your health.

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