Premium Engineering will supply equipment for reconstruction of Kazan CHP-2


"Premium Engineering" and the Management Company "KER-Holding" signed a contract to supply equipment booster compressor station and gas treatment unit in the project of reconstruction of Kazan CHP-2.
Kazan CHP-2 — Power Company of Kazan, the construction of which was begun in 1932. At the maximum load of Kazan CHP-2 burned daily to 6 million tons of coal. During the war, CHP has developed 1.337 billion kWh of electricity, ensuring that the work of the industrial sector. In 2001, the station has become the number one thermal power station in Tatarstan power.
Under the contract, the "Premium Engineering" will deliver a booster compressor station and gas treatment unit, installation supervision, commissioning and coaching staff of the customer.
The package includes a three-stage centrifugal gas compressor in the amount of two units, as well as auxiliary equipment for the construction and commissioning of a compressor station and a gas treatment unit.
Redeveloped part of the CHP consists of two units of PSU for the combined production of electricity and heat (hot water), placed at the site of the existing CHP. The operation of each CCGT capacity of 110 MW is under the scheme utilizing combined-cycle plant with a gas turbine power according to ISO 70 MW + 10%, steam recovery boiler two pressures without burning fuel and steam turbine with one controlled extraction.
— KazanskayaTETs-2 plays an important role in the functioning of not only the surrounding industrial and residential projects, but the region as a whole, because it provides the energy needs of many enterprises and urban areas, — says Alexander Bocharov, CEO of "Premium Engineering". — In this regard, the project of reconstruction TPP becomes pronounced strategic importance. The project will Kazan CHP-2 is to provide reliable electricity and heat consumers in the required quantities.

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