Prenatal Diagnosis Center opened in Altai Territory


Regional Center of prenatal diagnosis on the basis of open KGBUZ "Diagnostic center of Altai Krai." On the establishment of new medical equipment allocated about 170 million rubles. Of these more than 166 million rubles — from the federal budget, including the modernization program of health, about 4 million rubles — from the regional budget. 

The unique equipment allows the expert class in early pregnancy (before 12 weeks) to diagnose congenital and hereditary disease of the fetus. Ability to pass the examination will receive all the pregnant women in our region. The capacity of health facilities — 120 patients a day. During 2012, in Rubtsovsk Biysk Slavgorod and open branches of the Centre. All surveys — absolutely free of charge to pregnant women.

"In our corner of the world has come a unique technology, — says the head of the Center for Prenatal Diagnosis Oksana Chekry. — It starts with a survey of ultrasound, which is performed by trained physicians. Each specialist has an international certificate.

The region has already carried out major repairs in 33 maternity hospitals, conducted the delivery of new equipment to hospitals, health centers are being established social support pregnant women who find themselves in difficult situations, — says Elena Gergel. — Total of 2011-2012 Altai Territory has allocated about 9 billion rubles, including 2 billion to modernize the child and maternity services. Implementing the program of modernization of health care, there is a specific task — to increase the availability and quality of health services. Each patient, even in the most remote Altai village, in a timely manner to receive quality medical care. " 


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