Preparation of design decisions on the MS-21 has

completed within six months

Checking all design decisions on pre-production of a new generation of passenger aircraft MS-21 at the Irkutsk aviation plant should be completed within six months, told journalists the president of the corporation "Irkut" Oleg Demchenko.

MS-21 — the liner, which is created to replace the Tu-154 and Tu-134. In MS-21 has three versions: MS-21-200 (150 seats), MS-21-300 (180 seats) and the MS-21-400 (212 seats).

"Now for the MC-21 is the most interesting job — to scan all of our design decisions. During the six months we have to work with technologists major systems, docking of components made by electronic drawings. Now we are finishing. Current Year — the most important for us," — Demchenko said.

CEO recalled that in 2015, according to the plans, the MS-21 has to make the first flight. Then pass the certification test. Home sales planned in 2017. Today, according to Demchenko, working construction documents prepared by the airframe. "In August, we end up working construction documentation for systems," — he said.

"We have very little time left to come out later in the series. During the 2.5 years that remain, it is necessary first of all, to recruit staff, train them, especially professionals working professions," — said the head of the corporation.

According to him, all the necessary equipment, including the assembly line has been purchased, will soon begin its installation.

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