Preparations Deta-prof and Breeze-mite — a high degree of protection from ticks in complete safety for human


Ltd. "Spetsbioservis" and LLC "Tyumen aerosols" was brought to the practical application of the results of studies by Soviet scientists, whose effectiveness has been proven in the past century. In May 2006, LLC "Spetsbioservis" conducted state registration of products under the brand names "Deta-prof" (with a 30-percentage of the active ingredient and other tick repellent mosquitoes) and "Breeze-mite" (acaricidal repellent that kills ticks when they contact with treated clothing).

According to the press service of the Company "Tyumen aerosols", has now developed a vaccine only on the most deadly disease, which are the carriers of ticks — tick-borne encephalitis (TBE). From other diseases, which now number more than 40, which are due to different viruses and bacteria carried by insects, no.

What is encephalitis?

Today, for protection against ticks and midges, which can cause a variety of serious diseases, the market offers a variety of repellents domestic and foreign production. Therefore, there is a certain difficulty in choosing the most effective. The acute need for such tools for vector borne out by the activities of human beings in widely spread mites and other biting insects.

According to the statistics and the media, in the regions of Russia celebrated every year tens of thousands of cases of bite, leaving hundreds of people become infected with tick-borne encephalitis virus, borreliosis (Lyme disease), anaplasmosis, ehrlichiosis and other diseases, many of which are fatal each summer.

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Work on the creation of domestic repellents "Deta-prof" and "Breeze-mite" started by Soviet scientists in the mid-80s of the last century. Then in front of them was a task — to develop a contingent of special purpose reliable means of protection from insects, long-acting, it is equally effective throughout the former Soviet Union.

The main problem was that the insects are even the same species, depending on the geographical and climatic conditions, react differently to exposure to chemicals. For example, a drug acting Crimean excellent, only 50% effective in the Far East and vice versa. A similar problem is typical for products of foreign manufacture. Repellents effective in, for example, Germany or Canada, most are ineffective in Russia.


After more than a decade of research by Soviet scientists had found a universal structure of preparations, effectively acting in different territories. This confirmed the results of long-term field trials of new drugs. In order to access to medicines for people and facilitate their use of Open Company "Tyumen aerosol" method was developed for release in the aerosol, which provided not only the fulfillment of these requirements, but also protected the drugs themselves from oxidation when exposed to air and from the decomposition of chemical substances under the influence of ultraviolet rays .

At the same time the company has finalized preparations drugs themselves. Justified by the fact that some substances in aerosolized form change to a higher risk, and leave stains on clothing after it is processed.


Was developed by the so-called "perfume" with the smell of vanilla from the composition of natural essential oils "dual action" with a pleasant odor and insect repellent properties. As a result we obtained a reliable long-term repellent action — "Deta-prof" (30 days) and "Breeze-mite" (up to 15 days) with a shelf life of up to 2 years. In September 2008, received certificates of compliance, and in February 2011 — the declaration of conformity.

Repellents LLC "Tyumen aerosols" were awarded diplomas of the "100 best goods of UFD", diplomas and prizes of international exhibitions held "Hunting and Fishing in Russia-2011" and "Integrated Safety and Security Exhibition 2011". With the production of «Tyumen aerosols" can be found at the International Exhibition "Interpolitex 2011", which will be held from 25 to 28 October 20011, in Moscow, in the VVC (Hall 75, Stand 1A7-2).

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